For 2016, Look for Yet Another Massachusetts Moonbat

Last July Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick stated with assurance that he is “not running for president in 2016.” But this past week, in response to the same question from Politico, he answered, “maybe, maybe … Let’s just see what time tells.” Hmmm. I think there’s yet another pol from Taxachusetts who likes power, and wants more of it. And another moonbat, no less.

If he runs, we can add his name to the growing list of Massachusetts moonbats running for President just from the past 25 years, including John Heinz Kerry, Paul Tsongas, Michael Dukakis, and Willard Mitt Romney.

What, you don’t think that Romney is a moonbat? You actually think he’s a “conservative”? Only in an Orwell-like novel would Willard Romney be a “conservative.” With Romney’s support for medical insurance mandates, his welching on his promise to repeal ObamaCare, his pathologically raising taxes on businesses while governor, his loving the Fed and government bailouts, his support for gun control, yes, Romney is a … moonbat.

Heh. Some really die-hard sheeple actually want Romney to run (and lose) a 3rd time, in 2016. (Masochists, for sure.)

But this is about the current Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick. Patrick is an old buddy of the current President, Obama. And Patrick takes after his buddy, in their taking many long vacations, their adoration for taxing and spending, and as with all Left-fascists (sorry for the redundancy), their love for the police state.

For example, the busy governor Patrick recently took time away from his vacation in Switzerland to go on a vacation in Costa Rica.

After that’s over with he will be just in time for Spring break. (The Obamas are also known to take many expensive vacations.)

On Patrick’s Obamaesque love for taxes and spending, last year the state legislature passed a $500 million tax increase, which Gov. Patrick vetoed because it was not high enough. But conveniently, his fellow hacks overrode his veto. And this tax increase was even though the state’s coffers were $500 million “above benchmark” in revenues.

It’s never enough of other people’s money to spend on pet projects, cronies, and nice vacations overseas. Yup.

And I wonder if Deval thinks that if he runs for President that he can escape the scandals which have plagued his governorship, unlike former Gov. Michael Dukakis who couldn’t get away from the “Willie Horton issue” in 1988. Gov. Patrick’s “Willie Horton” is the Department of Children and Families scandal that I have mentioned previously.

It’s so bad now, with foster children winding up dead or missing, story after story of abuse and the fact that Patrick’s DCF allows convicted violent criminals to become foster parents, that even the head of that state agency Olga Roche offered Patrick her resignation but he wouldn’t accept it. Hmmm.

Who knows what’s going through Deval’s head, in his continuing to defend violent criminals’ ability to receive foster children, Patrick’s aiding and abetting that negligent agency’s shenanigans and incompetence with his silence, and merely helping to rearrange the deck chairs of a government agency that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. The whole thing smells, if you ask me (sort of like Gov. Romney’s staff deleting emails from servers and taking away hard drives from their State House computers as Romney was leaving office — that smelled too).

But I think that last year’s fascist order by Deval Patrick to stay off all Massachusetts roads during the Blizzard of 2013 or motorists could be fined or be thrown in jail was very telling. And the fact that he oversaw the post-Marathon bombings Boston shut-down and Watertown police siege door-to-door searches without probable cause or warrants. Not exactly the ideal “civil liberties governor,” that’s for sure.

These moonbats who used to be anti-police are now very pro-police and government armed power. As I noted before, the police state comes from the Left. So I am not surprised to hear that, sensing the kind of power that the police state gives his buddy Obama, that Deval Patrick would want to be the next Dear Leader.

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1:15 pm on March 2, 2014