Bloodthirsty New England Elitist Jackass

I speak of course of Bill Weld, who says that Donald Trump should be executed for treason.  I assume by “treason” Weld, who has spent most of his adult life as a government employee and yet laughingly calls himself a “libertarian,” means the “crime” of refusing to be ruled by the New England Yankee elitists like Weld who have ruled over America since 1865.  (One of his ancestors was one of the very first students at Harvard in 1650 and another was an officer in Lincoln’s army).

Council on Foreign Relations member Weld reminds me of his nineteenth-century New England predecessors who “worshipped” the self-described communist, the murderous martyr John Brown, and who gleefully participated in the mass murder of their fellow citizens in the Southern states by the hundreds of thousands for having the audacity of opposing being plundered by the New England Yankee mercantilist elites like the Weld family.  Perpetually angry.  Spitting Mad.  Entitled.  Calling for the death of those who refuse his rule.  A perfect example — almost as perfect as Hillary Clinton — of what Clyde Wilson calls “the Yankee Problem in America.”

P.S. Were Weld’s comments a not-so-silent dog whistle for the violent lunatics out there?  And, if William Weld is a libertarian, then I’m Santa Claus.


1:00 pm on September 23, 2019