“Teens” Beat a Man to Death

At the Frederick County, Maryland fair in the middle of the day because he refused to give them a dollar while visiting the fair with his family.  They beat the man to the ground and then one of the “teens” spits on him in the video as they all pranced away celebrating. The victim died several hours later.  The police say they are still “investigating” but nevertheless immediately declared that it was not a hate crime (the victim was a 59-year-old white man).  There are five or six “teens” in the video but for some reason only two were arrested.

It’s been reported that the “teens” parents attending their hearing to inform the judge that they are “good boys” who are “on the school basketball team.”  I have found no article, however, about how the family members of the victim described the cowardly, murderous little punks to the judge.


4:09 am on September 24, 2019