Appreciating “Grounding”. Lesson #1

Many people have heard about “Grounding” or “Earthing” but I’ve discovered not as many actually appreciate that Grounding may be one of THE most significant health discoveries – maybe ever.

I guarantee you this is not WOO WOO…. although I first thought it was.

I was wrong. Here it is.

Grounding is based on the fact that we are all electrical beings. Every cardiologist out there will declare you DEAD when you no longer have a pulse.

Here’s the kicker: our body is the grounding wire.

So what? Inflammation. That’s what.

Similar to how a machine can catch on fire or even blow up if it’s not grounded the electrons in our body can and do create havoc in the form of excess inflammation if we don’t daily ground ourselves.

There are now over 30 scientific studies to back this up and this area of research is exploding because excess INFLAMMATION is at the root of most diseases…and Grounding actually works to reduce its damaging impact.

Grounding starts to work instantaneously – and with daily connection progressively rids the body of damaging excess inflammation.

Works for What?

The list is big. Reduced Pain, Better Sleep and improvement of Chronic Diseases – even aiding weight loss and reducing anxiety and depression.

And much, much more. Grounding is FREE, effortless to do and will work whether you believe it or not. No kidding.

Here’s a great place to start for you to appreciate Grounding. Please watch this short 15 minute video titled Down To Earth which will get you started if you’ve never heard of it – or if you have but don’t really appreciate the profundity of it.


NEXT: My friends, Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey have a great interview with Clint Ober.

His story how he discovered Grounding and how it has now grown to be a Genuine Health Transformation Phenomenon are well worth your time.



6:35 pm on July 29, 2023