Advice To A New Professor

Stay in the closet in your new job! It will only be for six years (assuming you’re on tenure track; if not, get a tenure track job elsewhere). Don’t make waves, even in Florida, where woke goes to die, as you’ve already seen evidence that this is no guarantee of fair treatment. Don’t publish in JLS or RAE or QJAE. Try to publish in mainstream non Austro libertarian journals. You don’t need AER or JLE. There are plenty of good B journals that can get you tenure that will be safe. And don’t challenge your pinko colleagues to public debates, one of my own flaws when I was early in my career as you now are. Also, no one ever agrees with anyone in the ancap camp 100%. If you could attack Rothbard, Hayek, or Mises or Nozick or Friedman or any other Austrian or libertarian on some minor issue, that would be great. Also, we do agree with the left on some issues. Articles supporting them would be good, if you can hold your nose. If you can make a contribution to statistics, or math-econ, that would be great. Even pedestrian econometric empirical work with no political implications would be good. Hey, find out what is the price elasticity of bananas! Or the income elasticity of shoes.

If I can be of help to you in any other way, do let me know.

I never could keep my big mouth shut. As a result, I didn’t get tenure until I was 60 years old. Had I to do this all over again, I would have followed the above advice, disgusting and unprincipled as it is.


2:40 am on July 30, 2023