A Beginner’s Manual for Apprentice Book Burners

In these despairing and destructive days of cancel culture the enlightened dissident connoisseur must have a delicate working knowledge of forbidden titles prohibited by our decorous progressive cognoscenti in academe and secret police circles. Here is such a listing. The following bibliographical essay by James J. Martin was originally published in The Amateur Book Collector, Vol. V, No. 4, December, 1954. It was much later reproduced as an appendix to the author’s own book, titled, An American Adventure in Bookburning: In the Style of 1918, published by Ralph Myles Publishers in 1988. Intestinal bacteria cloistered within the deep state bowels of the Biden regime are feverishly compiling new lists of verboten contemporary titles. Please contact usurper@WhiteHouse.gov with your suggestions.


10:55 am on January 22, 2021