Parson Goat Takes to the Airwaves

Maybe I’m the last to the party, but I didn’t know the Patriots who entered the Capitol–a luxuriously appointed building on which we pay the upkeep; ergo, one through which we have every right to traipse whenever we like—on January 6 prayed to the Almighty. 

I learned that tidbit this morning, as I was listening to supposedly “Christian” talk-radio (something, thank God, I seldom do). I wasn’t the least surprised to hear that Patriots had prayed during their moments in Mordor; I wouldn’t do anything but pray, did I find myself in that terminus of evil.

Then, too, as I’ve researched the stolen election over the last months as well as the events of January 6, I’ve landed on a great many “conservative,” “red-state,” “patriotic” websites. Almost always, their pages feature passages of Scripture and calls to prayer—many of both. Because my work on the criminals in government takes me to every species of political blog and website, I am something of an expert on the genre. And this overt Christianity, this obvious dependence on and humility before the Lord, is unusual. In the extreme. Yet it characterizes the Patriots’ movement. 

So of course the “Deplorables” would pray as they stood on prime Satanic real estate. 

But that was not the tenor in which the “Christians” on Moody Radio had mentioned the prayer. “Is this the same Jesus?” one of the two hosts was incredulously demanding as I flipped on the station. “These people storming the Capitol—they dared ask God’s blessing on their destruction and insurrection! Is this the same Jesus I pray to? The One in the Bible?”

I didn’t catch who their guest was, but he immediately piled on. “No, no, no! Christianity never condones insurrection and–and rebellion and trying to overthrow a government.”

Hmmm. That would be news to the Founding Fathers, almost all of whom were devout believers—so devout, in fact, that they put the current crop of “Christians” to shame. Time and again, the Founders justified their battle against tyranny from the Bible.

And I expect the children of Israel, struggling with Ehud, Samson, et alia, to eradicate despots, would heartily disagree with Mr. Lickspittle’s pronouncement, too.

But I interrupted just as he was digging his hole deeper.

“These people must repent! They’re perverting Scripture, and here’s what they do: they cherry-pick verses to support their politics. You know, um, um…OK, what’s a good example? Um…um… OK, Jesus said, ‘Pick up your sword,’ so they say, ‘Here! I’m obeying Jesus by threatening our legislators.’ You can’t just make the Bible say whatever you want it to and condone whatever you wanna do.” (I’m paraphrasing big time, but these were the ideas, as nearly as I recall.)

I don’t know what horrified me more: the deliberate distortion and outright lies about the Patriots’ heroism, or the endorsement of the deception, theft and corruption that characterized the last election. Once again and nauseatingly, “Christians” support Marxism. These wretches uphold the wickedness of totalitarian government while damning those brave souls fighting for freedom.

On the other hand… Maybe these “Christian” cretins don’t know that antifa and BLM hijacked the rallies in DC to create the “incursion” into the Capitol; maybe they buy the corporate media’s relentless propaganda that the “rioters,” rather than the government and its false-flag operatives, were violent. For sure, neither hosts nor guest understood the tiniest bit of political philosophy, let alone the stark contrast between freedom vs. totalitarianism.

But they will. If Patriots are foolish and anti-Scriptural enough to heed them, they most certainly will.


12:45 pm on January 22, 2021

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