"Why the Lab Leak Theory Is Almost Certainly False"

I’m very pleased to report that Will Jones, the editor of Britain’s Daily Sceptic webzine, has now published another important new article on the origins of the global Covid epidemic, declaring that the lab-leak theory so widely accepted across alternative media circles for the last three years “is almost certainly false.”

Webzine founder Toby Young Tweeted out the piece to his 250,000 followers, and it was also immediately republished by America’s Brownstone Institute.

The Daily Sceptic and the Brownstone Institute are two of the leading alt-Covid publications of the Anglosphere, and this latest article followed four others that they had previously cross-published related to the same origins question. Those had also prompted Brian Mowrey, an alt-Covid writer on Substack, to provide his own overview of all of this material.

A half-dozen substantial articles released within just a few weeks is certainly a significant trend. Last week I had already discussed the tremendous potential importance of this ongoing development, noting that leading alt-media publications and public figures have now joined this renewed effort to finally uncover the origins of the Covid epidemic that took so many millions of lives worldwide.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University is an academic of the highest mainstream respectability who had spent the last two years as chairman of the Lancet‘s Covid Commission. Then a few months ago, he received international attention when he publicly sugggested that the virus was very likely bioengineered and called for an end to what he condemned as an ongoing governmental attempt to cover-up its true origins.

His October podcast interview on Max Blumenthal’s Grayzone is now approaching 400,000 views, already the second most popular video ever shown on that channel.

Individuals such as Prof. Sachs possess enormous international credibility. Meanwhile, alternative outlets such as the Daily Sceptic, the Brownstone Institute, and the Grayzone provide a growing media reach, both directly and through the independent journalists and writers whom they influence. Taken together, this potent combination might successfully challenge the powerful cover-up that has been maintained for the last three years by the American government and its subservient MSM allies.

These media developments represent a crucial addition to my own writings on this same subject.

This new material has also sparked renewed interest in my own Covid analysis, with my podcast interviews from last February already approaching a half-million views on Rumble this month, and likely to reach a total of 3 million within the next few days.

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Reprinted with permission from The Unz Review.