The Covid Narrative Tide Is Turning

As more information about the Covid vaccines and other media narratives are released, those of us who’ve been consigned to the Conspiracy Theory bin for the last few years are being sadly vindicated.

High tide at Galveston Island occurred at 12:16 a.m. today. Aside from consulting a tide table, you would only know that if you were walking on the beach and saw the waves receding farther down the shore. The turning of the tide is something you only observe in hindsight, just as the moon can only be known to have reached its fullest once it begins to wane.

Are we watching the turning of the tide in our failing country?

Medical studies that call into question the Covid narrative are making it through the censors. Twitter has opened the tap on evidence of collusion between government and media to deceive the public about Covid. More and more people know someone who has been disabled or killed by the so-called “vaccine.” Are we beginning to approach a critical mass of people who understand that we have been played on a gigantic scale?

We used to call that “conspiracy theory.” Now it’s called “discernment.”

Little will change until we reach a critical mass of awareness. Congress, on both sides of the aisle, will continue to act against the will of the majority (see: Omnibus Spending Bill). Corrupt leaders will continue to be treated as heroes (see: Zelensky). Children will continue to be victimized on the altar of adult derangement (see: Gender Ideology). The world will spin on as usual until there is an armada of people who care enough about truth, children and the Kingdom of God to stand up, speak up, and fight back.

There used to be an attraction at Six Flags Over Texas called Casa Magnetica. The house was built at odd angles so that visual cues told your brain you were walking slantways. It was positively vertigo-inducing. When you emerged, the world righted itself and the brain settled down from its crisis state.

As more of the Twitter Files are released, as more voices differing with the “official” narrative are back online, those of us who’ve been consigned to the Conspiracy Theory bin for the last few years are coming out of Casa Magnetica and righting our senses. The trickle of critical thinkers standing upright will soon become a flood, as the bad actors push a narrative that makes less and less sense to people who aren’t living in dread fear anymore. People can’t sustain fear forever, and most are well past their limit.

At midnight Mass last month, I saw only two people with masks on, one being an altar server. It was one of those blue and white jobs, the kind that look like incontinence pads. It struck me how unseemly it was for the Holy Mass. What was standard protocol two years ago now looks bizarre.

That is a turning of the tide.

Once the tide has turned, it will progress until it reaches a new low before turning again. And that’s where we’re headed. As more and more people lose relatives and friends to disability or sudden death from “unknown causes,” bewilderment and rage will begin to suck the energy out of our nation, indeed our world, since this has been a global phenomenon.

According to Our World In Data, 70% of the world has received at least one dose of the deceitfully named “vaccine.” That’s over 5.5 billion people—adults and children. The hope of the world may be in the developing nations, where only 26% have taken the poisoned bait.

According to the latest U.S. data from, there have been 34,000 deaths reported from 219 million injected with the Covid jab. Underreporting of adverse events is said to be as high as 99% due to difficulty of reporting, lost or scrubbed reports, shock after the death of a loved one, and the reluctance of physicians to question the safety of jabs.

Horrifically, there were more than 1,200 deaths in the first three months of the Pfizer rollout, but that wasn’t reported until a court order forced the disclosure, well after millions of people had already taken the shot.

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