Taking Putin Out: The Putsch of The Pussycats

If you ever suspected that the virtue signaling Russia haters may be just little over the top, you need to go no further than the following headline from the St. Louis Dispatch:

Russian Cats Banned From International Competition

The article opens with the following sentence:

“The Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) announced on its website that because of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, FIFe has banned Russian cats from international competition until at least June.”

The piece goes to quote the organization’s officials as saying, “The Board of FIFe feels it cannot just witness these atrocities and do nothing.”

So, now it is the turn of Russian cats to be placed on the sanctions list.

As the old saying goes, first they came for the Russian oligarchs, then they came for the Russian people, and now they have come for the Russian cats.

The Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) has levied sanctions against Russian cats.

One only wonders who it will be next. Russian butterflies?

(Revealingly, they have not sanctioned the Russian oil and gas that flow to Germany and some other European countries and which earn Russia more than $600 million dollars per day.)

The idea behind sanctioning the Russian oligarchs and the Russian people was that the pain and hardship of the sanctions will make them so upset that they would rise and take Putin out.

This is what the Lindsey Graham has been urging them to do. “The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out. You would be doing your country – and the world – a great service,” tweeted the indomitable Senator from South Carolina.

The only problem is that sanctions do not usually bring down bad rulers. Just ask the ghost of Fidel Castro who died peacefully in his bed after half a century of tough American sanctioneering. Saddam Hussein, the Iranian Mullahs and Nicolas Maduro likewise seemed to stand strong politically under their respective sanction regimes.

If anything, it would seem that sanctions actually help to bolster the domestic power of the targeted leaders because they provide a convenient straw man on which to blame the failure of their bad policies.

But what can be the logic behind sanctioning cats?

Based on the virtue signalers’ previous logic, it must be this: Since sanctions do not sufficiently motivate populations to do away with their leaders, it is hoped that the cats will rise to the occasion. The cats will become so upset at not being able to compete in international feline competitions that they will march on the Kremlin and take the Bad Vlad out.

In other words, they will do as Lindsey Graham advises them. This affair will go down in history as “The Putsch of The Pussycats.”

Lindsey Graham wants to see Putin taken out. It remains to be seen whether the sanctions against Russian cats will have the desired effect.

Lindsey Graham can then congratulate the feline conspirators on Twitter and invite them to his senate office for some cocktails and cat munchies. Perhaps he can even pin some medals onto their furs.

The sanctioning of Russian cats makes it abundantly clear that we are in the grip of a massive moral panic in which a sizeable portion of the western population has lost the ability to think rationally.

Do you remember when they cancelled a Russian soprano at the Met and Russian ballerinas in the United Kingdom? How are these delicate females responsible for what is going on in Ukraine? I am sure that like most of us these ladies are deeply disturbed and upset at what is happening in that country. It is also quite probable that many of them disagree with the actions of their government.

But such considerations get completely lost in the vortex of moral hysteria which has been stoked by the very people responsible for this calamity. Despite the fact that it is Vladimir Putin, the Russian people and even Russian cats who have been cast as the guilty party here, the Ukrainian tragedy has been, in fact, caused by the incompetence and arrogance of our own ruling elites who refused to acknowledge Russia’s legitimate security concerns.

We strongly recommend that you watch this 2015 lecture by Professor John Mearsheimer in which he explains the causes of the Ukraine-Russian conflict. If you did not know, John Mearsheimer is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most astute experts on geopolitics and international relations. It is an encouraging sign that his insightful lecture has now amassed more than 21 million views.

By the way, Professor Mearsheimer cannot be accused of treason – which is now a common charge levelled at those who dare to express an opinion that differs from the official government narrative trumpeted by the mainstream media – since he gave his talk more than six years before Vladimir Putin was officially declared public enemy number one.

It should be noted that only a few short weeks ago we were in the grip of another great moral panic. The object of derision in that lamentable episode were the unvaccinated. They were being scorned, railed against, harassed, sanctioned, ostracized, excluded from society, cancelled, fired from their jobs and in some places even locked up.

But then – at the very moment the vaccine narrative fell apart – Vladimir Putin, the Russian people and Russian cats suddenly replaced the unvaccinated as the new object of universal resentment. The speed at which this happened was truly astounding; it only took a couple of days.

The net result of this is that the Russians (their cats included) are now, in effect, the new unvaccinated.

May we note that it is essentially the same people who were stoking antagonism against the unvaccinated that are now spreading hatred against the Russians. They include all the usual suspects: the Biden administration, the mainstream media, Big Tech, woke corporations, etc.

These hate spreaders are deeply wrong on both counts and the public better start asking themselves why they are being manipulated so.