Trudeau’s Imminent False Flag To Crush the Canadian People

Here’s the latest video from the great Greg Reese.



Justin Trudeau has enacted the Emergency Powers Act [just like his “father” did 52 years earlier], against all who protest his dictates, including seizing peoples’ bank accounts.

Trudeau won’t allow these Canadian citizens to have a life in their own country, nor will he allow them to leave. These are Canadian families celebrating peacefully, as they honorably protest their government.

It is now evident that Trudeau is capable of anything.

Last Sunday, at around 3AM, more than 2,000 firearms were stolen from a shipping lot in Peterborough, Ontario.

A former sniper from the RCMP has announced that multiple sources have warned that Trudeau’s government could be planting weapons in Ottawa, to deceptively frame the Freedom Convoy as “violent” and use it as a false pretext for violently ending the historic peaceful protest.

While the truckers keep saying that their movement is a “movement of the people” and is non-political, certain suspicious individuals have stepped into leadership roles.

BJ Dichter, a politician and co-founder of LGBTory and Tamara Lich of Wexit, who is funded by a sitting member of the Globalists’ Atlantic Council are the ones who set up and manage the GoFundMe page for the Freedom Convoy.

And former Liberal staffer for the Minister of Safety, Dagny Pawlak has recently been made a member of the Communications Team and people involved say it’s all a deceptive story.


As one commentator said:

“Most people don’t seem to know where these people came from, how they got involved, how they ended up controlling all the money, why they’re doing all of the speaking…These people aren’t even truckers, OK?

“BJ Dichter’s not a trucker. This Dagny was Marco Mendecino’s campaign manager, who’s a sitting Liberal politician right now, who called everyone ‘terrorists’ the other day and conveniently, these people seem to be holding a lot of keys, somehow…

“This is a bunch of Canadians who want to end the mandates and get their lives back and somehow, it’s turned into a money-donating campaign for four people at the top and two of them are political operatives of the current sitting government.”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.