Transgenderism: The Left’s Tool of Societal Subversion

We wrote previously how transgenderism serves as the instrument for the left’s nihilistic agenda of destruction, since it devastates both the individual and society under the banner of a single ideology. We discussed transgenderism’s ruinous effects on the individuals who fall prey to it, many of whom perish by suicide. Sadly, even most of those who do not take their own lives or succumb to the injuries of their sex reassignment treatment have little hope of ever becoming productive and contributing members of their society.

For one thing, most transgender people are unable to keep stable, long-term employment. This is unsurprising, since the psychological and physical damage they sustain as a result of their “transition” makes it nearly impossible for them to become effective members of the workforce.

Kattee Leather Briefca... Check Amazon for Pricing. It is not difficult to see why. The truth is that the state of mind and the character traits that this lifestyle engenders preclude most of those who participate in it from functioning as good employees and workers. As many readers already know, trans people are by nearly every metric a very troubled demographic. Most of them suffer from a high degree of psychological and emotional instability. Their attempted suicide rate is nearly fifty percent, which is more than twenty times that of rest of the population. Most of the rest suffer from very high rates of depression and other psychological disturbances. The rate of drug and alcohol abuse among transgenders is 300 percent of that of their normal counterparts. According to Psychology Today, trans individuals suffer from an “astonishingly elevated rate of mental health issues.” To make matters worse, most trans people – and especially transsexuals – suffer from persistent physical challenges and illnesses related to their lifestyle. According to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, transgender persons are at an increased risk of a number of “chronic diseases, cancers, and mental health problems.” Their rate of HIV, for example, is three times the national average.

To succeed in the workplace, one needs to possess qualities such as resilience, steadfastness, reliability, discipline and commitment. Suicidal, depressed, mentally unstable, substance abusing and chronically ill people, however, are generally incapable of either possessing or developing such qualities. On the contrary, such people tend to exhibit opposite qualities, which make them undesirable to employers. They include absenteeism, truancy, unreliability, dishonesty, waywardness and such.

According to the American Addiction Center,

“[T]ransgender people being at a greater risk for participating in risky behavior, such as sex work and/or drug and/or alcohol abuse. Transgender individuals are much more likely to get HIV/AIDS than the general population, which itself may be a source of mental health distress that exacerbates substance abuse compulsions.”

Such individuals will obviously have difficulties finding and keeping steady and gainful employment. Statistics convey this sad truth. According to the LGBTQ advocacy group Glaad, the level of unemployment in the trans community is three times that of the national average. For transgender people of color, the rate of unemployment is nearly thirty percent. Leather Honey Leather ... Buy New $19.99 ($2.50 / Fl Oz) (as of 12:17 UTC - Details)

Nearly half of those transgender people who manage to hold employment do it through jobs that are short-term and low level. Statistics reveal that more than forty percent of transgender people are underemployed. According to the LGBTQ Taskforce, “Transgender workers are nearly four times more likely than the population as a whole to have a household income of under $10,000 (15% vs. 4%).” These are pre-COVID figures. The situation is much worse at this time.

While contributing relatively little in terms of productive work, the transgender community drains away a great deal of societal resources. It is well known that, due to their complicated nature, trans surgeries can be very expensive. This is what we learn from a piece in Business Insider:

While cost estimates vary widely, the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery estimates that “bottom surgery” costs about $25,600 for male-to-female patients and about $24,900 for female-to-male. The center provides estimates for other common trans-related surgeries, such as breast augmentation ($9,000), bilateral mastectomy (up to $10,900), facial feminization (up to $70,100), and facial masculinization (up to $53,700).

A complete set of sex reassignment surgeries can add up to more than one hundred thousand dollars. Most transgender individuals are either unable and unwilling to pay for these expensive (and harmful) procedures and insist that the costs are covered from public funds or borne by other people. But societal expenses for transgender people do not end with the completion of their sex reassignment operations.

Following these surgeries, the majority of transsexuals require long-term hormonal treatments and other maintenance protocols. Most importantly, most of them face a lifetime of ill health stemming from the misguided and mutilating procedures to which they were subjected. The combined costs of these treatments over the years can be immense. These costs not only include treatment for physical ailments and illnesses but also for psychological counseling, necessary in many cases due to the mental and emotional trauma suffered as a result of “transitioning.” Suffering from underemployment, unemployment and high poverty rates most transsexuals lack the resource to pay for these treatments themselves and demand that society pick up the tab. VitaRaw Immune Support... Buy New $16.99 ($16.99 / Count) (as of 02:47 UTC - Details)

Thus, in addition to being thrown into a spiral of suffering and despair by their lifestyle, transgender people represent a significant drag on society. This is not to dismiss them as in any way less valued as human beings because their maintenance is so costly or because they present persistent demands on their environment. Our society, in fact, prides itself on taking care and protecting the weak and vulnerable. But the question that we need to ask is this: Why do so many on the left push so determinedly for policies and procedures that cannot but create this unnecessary suffering and financial cost? The transgender movement takes potentially productive members of society and turns most of them into troubled, sick and depressed individuals who are a burden to their communities. Why would anyone advocate for something so predictably harmful and tragic?

Knowing the destructive nature of the left, we cannot but conclude that this is deliberate and intentional. The left uses the trans movement as a means of undermining and destroying society. The strategy is clear: the larger and more numerous is the transgender community, the weaker inevitably is the society in which it resides. To clearly see this point, consider the following thought experiment. Imagine a society in which one hundred percent of people became transgender. Given the dysfunctionality inherent in this lifestyle, such society would quickly founder under economic strain. To bring about economic downfall, however, you do not need to convince a hundred percent of the population to adopt this way of life. Even if only, let’s say, three or four percent of people should do so, the additional financial burden on our already deeply mismanaged system would probably be enough to pull it down.

Taking advantage of the moral decline of our culture, the left is working relentlessly to increase the transgender proportion of the population. They are actively recruiting among those who are most vulnerable to this kind persuasion, i.e., adolescents. And now they are getting wholehearted support from the highest echelons of the Democrat Party. We have commented previously on the odious Executive Order 13988 which was signed by Joe Biden on his first day in office. Euphemistically misnamed “Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation,” it forces schools, among other things, to allow boys who identify as “girls” compete with biological girls in athletics. It would also allow these boys to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. A direct and obvious assault on the natural order, these measures are clearly intended to help trans activists in their recruitment efforts among young people. With the expanding transgender demographic, human and economic costs of this tragedy will grow considerably in the years ahead, posing an ever-increasing burden on our society.

But the economic and financial impairment is not the only aspect of the trans movement which the left exploits in its drive to subvert Western societies. We will explore these other aspects in future installments.