Transgender: The Left’s Instrument of Ruin and Destruction

In the last few years, we have seen an increasingly enthusiastic embracing of the transgender cause by the Democrat Party.

So much so, that on the very first day of his presidency, Joe Biden signed an extreme measure known as Executive Order 13988. Fully titled “Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation” the measure forces, among other things, schools to allow biological males to compete with girls in athletics.

The Human Rights Campaign, a radical far-left LGBT group that has been relentlessly pushing the transgender agenda on the American public, praised Biden’s executive order as “most substantive, wide-ranging executive order concerning sexual orientation and gender identity ever issued by a United States president.”

Transgender, as may know, is an ideology that contends that human beings who have been born as biological males – i.e., men – can become women and vice versa. Grow Food For Free: Th... Richards, Huw Best Price: $15.18 Buy New $12.54 (as of 04:21 UTC - Details)

This is an impossibility which we have discussed previously in this space. This fact, however, does nothing to prevent the Democrats from trying to impose this insanity on American society.

Why would the Democrats pursue such an absurd and extreme agenda?

To understand this, we need to keep in mind the larger picture. Taking advantage of the crisis generated by the COVID scamdemic and the overdose death of George Floyd, the left’s radical elements managed to take over the Democrat Party. This takeover happened between June and August of last year. During this period, the Democrat Party establishment lurched sharply leftwards. The net result is that the Democrat Party is now the political vehicle of the hard left whose woke and progressive agendas it now represents.

The primordial psychological impulse that has always actuated the hard left is the desire to kill, ruin and destroy. To see that this is in fact so, all you need to do is to take a quick historic survey of the countries where the hard left managed to gain complete control. Some of these countries would include the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, and Ethiopia, among others.

Given a free hand, the leftists in charge of these regimes managed to kill millions of people and completely ruin the societies over which they held sway.

It is not necessary to go into great detail here. For a good reference we would recommend the scholarly survey titled The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression which chronicles some the crimes perpetrated by leftists in the course of the last century. The authors estimate that in the span of less than eight decades the left managed to kill nearly one hundred million people. Mind-boggling as this figure is, it is likely an underestimate.

Tellingly, this pattern of murder and destruction prevailed in every country where the left wielded unchecked power. Thus it is no accident, but an expression of the deep-seated impulse that actuates leftist psyche and behavior. Food Truck Business: C... Tony Smith Buy New $17.91 (as of 11:22 UTC - Details)

And this brings us to the seemingly inexplicable adoption of the transgender ideology by the Democrat Party. With the cognitively impaired Biden serving merely as a cover for the extremists in charge, the Democrats’ newly acquired enthusiasm for transgenderism is a result of the hard left’s recognition of the potential it offers to further the Democrats’ agenda of destruction.

The unique advantage of this ideology is that it destroys both the individual and society under the auspices of a single worldview. One of the problems faced by leftists of the past was that they had to use different – and often contradictory – ideas to realize their goals. To devastate their national economies, they had to impose centrally planned systems through which they could implement their ruinous economic measures. To destroy individuals, on the other hand, they had to employ altogether different ideological means which were often unrelated to their project of societal ruination. For example, they might accuse their victims of being collaborators with Western powers, of being sexual perverts, or enemies of the people, traitors and so forth.

The beauty of transgenderism is – as far as the hard left is concerned – that it accomplishes both under an umbrella of a unified ideology.

For individuals, gender constitutes the most basic form of human identity. On the most fundamental level, we identify with our physical bodies which are either male or female. It is through our gender that we make sense of our existence. It is our gender that determines how we relate to and behave vis-à-vis other human beings and how we handle life in general. Our gender serves as the basic guide by which we orientate ourselves in society and by which we navigate the complexity of human experience.

It is gender that guides our behavior from the earliest years. The gender paradigm is quintessentially binary in nature and its broad outlines are delineated by the following pairs of opposites:

Boy / girl
Son / daughter
Man / woman
Husband / wife
Father / mother

The Backyard Homestead... Best Price: $4.91 Buy New $10.91 (as of 05:50 UTC - Details) Our gender – whether we are a man or a woman – is irreversibly determined by our physiology, i.e., by our biological sex. As we have noted previously:

“In humans the nucleus of each cell normally contains forty-six chromosomes, arranged into twenty-three distinct pairs. In both males and females twenty-two of these pairs look the same. These chromosomes are called autosomes. The twenty-third pair, however, is quite different. It contains the so-called sex chromosomes. These chromosomes differ between males and females. Females have two copies of the so-called X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome. Thus, the twenty-third chromosomal pair takes the form of XY in males and XX in females.”

Because our gender – whether one is a man or a woman – is hardwired into biology on the physical level through our DNA, it is simply not possible to “transition” from one gender to another. In other words, someone who has been born a biological male can never become a real woman and vice versa.

No matter how hard we may try, we can never succeed in crossing from one gender to the other, because biological reality cannot be negated. Trying to traverse the gender divide is like running with your head against a ten-feet thick stone wall while hoping to break through to the other side. Those who attempt to do such a thing will hurt themselves seriously in the process. Similarly, those who attempt to “transition” from one gender to another are bound to sustain severe injuries without any realistic possibility of ever attaining their desired goal. Their injuries are grievous and extensive, encompassing the full spectrum of their person: psychological, emotional and physical.

So battered and traumatized, many transgender people simply cannot bear their pain. Unable to withstand their suffering, large numbers of them choose to die by their own hand. The statistics are brutal: the suicide rate of transgender people is more than twenty times the rate of their normal peers. Please mark this well. Transgender people are not two times more likely, or five times more likely or even ten times more likely to take their own lives than the general population. They are more than two thousand percent more likely to do so! This fact alone should spur governments to immediately put an end to this terrible person-destroying practice.

Depressed and mutilated, most transgender individuals are human beings who live in a grip of great pain. Many choose to die by their own hand, others die prematurely from the numerous health issues that arise as an inevitable consequence of the misguided “transitioning” process, and most of the rest lead lives of deep despondency and confusion.

These people are victims whose lives have been ruined by the ideology of transgenderism. What these unfortunates need is compassion and wise help from their environment and society. They need counseling to correct the misconceptions that have been planted in their minds and they need support so they can settle in their natural gender. This, however, is not what the hard leftists who have seized control of the Democrat Party wish to do. Instead, they are pushing this pernicious ideology on American society through executive orders and other extra-legislative means. These radicals are clearly happy with the destruction that transgenderism visits upon those who fall prey to it. This willingness to facilitate the ruination of human beings should not surprise anyone who is aware of the dark impulse that has always informed the hard left psyche. Tragically, humanity has had the misfortune to suffer amply from the manifestation of this impulse in the course of the last century.

In a future installment we will discuss how the left uses transgenderism as a ploy to attack and undermine the foundations of society as a whole.