They’re Planning Your Future Without Your Consent

Our future – and how livable will be our existence – is being planned without our consent.

(One might say that the temperature of the “Boiling Frog” Soup that many of us haven’t jumped out of yet is approaching 100 degrees Celsius.)

Four important signs of the Brave New World that is up ahead. It is approaching more quickly than anybody without insider information has anticipated.

1] First is a brilliant bit of comedy/satire (2 minutes long) from comedian Kevin James that is a MUST WATCH video for anybody that is affected by the planned over-reaction to the COVID “epidemic” (which means everybody). Be sure to read the comments.

2]  Secondly, but actually more importantly, watch the James Corbett series about Bill Gates, the most influential entity behind the plan to vaccinate everybody with one or more of the dozens of early experimental vaccines that haven’t yet even been designed, much less honestly tested for safety or efficacy on animals, on humans, on the elderly, on children, on infants,  etc.!!

Start with episode 4 which is only a half-hour long, but arguably the most important half-hour of your future, if you have one, that is. To watch any of the episodes for free  – go here).


3] And then here is frightening information about an established UK product called Covi-Pass. Go here for the scary details. GGK

EM Bio-Tech is at the forefront of Global Health-Tech and has developed COVI-PASS™️, to revolutionise the Health Industry with its Digital Health Passport.

COVI-PASS™️ can manage the end-to-end (including product tagging) process from test to secure Digital Health Passport. COVI-PASS™️ is agnostic to any Covid-19 test brand or source, and can integrate with all global COVID test manufacturers.

During this global Covid-19 pandemic, the world is searching for a secure solution, to hold test, immunoresponse information, and vaccination details for now and into the future. COVI-PASS™️ has been developed to be the world’s most secure Digital Health Passport solution.

Through unique biometric access, users are allowed access to their health and immunoresponse information. COVI-PASS™️ safely facilitates safe return to work and life.

COVI-PASS™️ is equipped with military grade encryption and has more than 2.2 Quintillion variations of codes, which securely corresponds to certified tests, all of which can do something different based on the details of the scanner: user ID, time & date, device type and how many times they have scanned.


The VCode® can be scanned at distance (in some uses over 100meters), applied at sizes down to 100 microns, scanned within 170-degree angles and features error correction where the code still works when partially damaged.

In scan rate efficiency, VCode® is up to 10 seconds faster than other technologies, which could save hours for Healthcare, Businesses and social requirements, when reaching a high volume scan rate. The uses of VCode®️ span all Industries from payments, traceability / anti-counterfeiting measures to identity provisioning.


COVI-PASS™ is a secure Digital Health Passport which displays your Covid-19 test history and immunoresponse and other relevant health information.

COVI-PASS™ can be used as an authenticated gateway for Public Services, Businesses and their key employees to assist in managing a safe workplace.

While onboarding a new Healthcare organisation could typically take months, COVI-PASS™ reduces the time to two minutes by enabling instant validation of staff identity details, PPE training and Fit Test assessments.

Endorsement by Claire McCloughlin – Head of Interactive Technology, BBC

“Vcode® leads the way for next generation engagement with consumers. The accuracy of the codes, the sophistication of smartphone handsets, dynamic flexible content and the low cost of deployment make this technology ideal for visual media and outdoor promotion. The BBC is proud to support a UK company which is pushing the boundaries and can see the benefit of using VCode for a wide range of campaigns”


4] An important massage from the Boston Globe [Front Page]

Monday, May 25, 2020

Sites, salons will be part of contact tracing network

By Matt Stout and Dasia Moore – Boston Globe

As they get the green light to reopen their doors Monday, barber shops, car washes, zoos and white-water rafting companies are being tasked with another job: Help provide eyes and ears for the state’s contact tracers.

Among the rules a slew of businesses must follow during the first phase of Governor Charlie Baker’s reopening plan is keeping a log of customers who cycle through their doors and sites.

The goal, state officials say, is to create a record that could help local boards of health track down those who came in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19 and who had visited the business.  The Baker administration has said it’s also committed $44 million to an ambitious tracing program.

But the new guidelines offer a view into how even our slightest of movements, from getting a haircut to having your minivan cleaned, could begin to be tracked as the state reemerges from its self-imposed economic hibernation.

Exactly what information some businesses will collect is unclear. Logs would need to list the exact times of customers’ visits and, even more importantly, phone numbers where case workers can contact people who may be infected and instruct them to stay at home…

But the guidance-and its sometimes scant details- should provide more specific guidelines for not just what information will be collected but express limitations on how it would be used, by whom, and how long it could be stored.

“It is a serious privacy issue. We have to remember anything that we do during the pandemic under the guise of protecting public health could be misused,” said the ACLU. But state officials said the state is not creating any type of centralized database.