Ultraviolet Salvation

The novel coronavirus panel known as Covid-19 has decimated the American and much of the worldwide economy. The media is covering it nearly non-stop. CNN is covering it non-stop including the running death tabulator for the United States and the rest of the world and this is creepy, morbid and misleading. On average 8,000+ people die in the U.S. everyday. Death from non-Covid causes gets no attention, disturbing. This is written in April 2020. Our salvation is imminent and we do not have to wait for the largesse of a Federal giveaway. The sun which we can depend on is delivering it during daylight. Solar radiation, specifically the ultraviolet spectrum, will do the job.

We must go thru a little physics to understand how this occurs. The term radiation is a misnomer and can confuse the technically disinclined. From dictionary.com:


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  1. the process in which energy is emitted as particles or waves.
  2. the complete process in which energy is emitted by one body, transmitted through an intervening medium or space, and absorbed by another body.
  3. the energy transferred by these processes.

the act or process of radiating.

Nuclear radiation gets confused with electromagnetic radiation. The decay of unstable nuclear atoms like Uranium produce ionizing radiation. This is not to be confused with electromagnetic radiation.

The electromagnetic spectrum is definition #2 and is the massless photons that move at the speed of light. This spectrum is shown below:

The shorter the wavelength the higher frequency of the photon and the greater amount of energy it carries. Longer wavelength radiation has a lower frequency and is shown to the right. The human eye is sensitive to the visible spectrum which is a narrow range of frequencies. Aulinx 110V 36W UV Lam... Buy New $139.99 (as of 02:28 UTC - Details)

When you sit in direct sunlight the heat you feel is infrared radiation. Humans do not feel visible light. The sun produces a Gaussian or Bell Shaped curve of radiation frequencies. The green in the middle of the visible spectrum corresponds to the frequency the human eye is most sensitive to. For decades automobile instrument panels were lit with the green frequency our eyes are most sensitive to. We cannot see anything with a longer wavelength than red, nor can we see things with shorter wavelength than the blue end of the spectrum.

All plants and animals are composed of organic molecules mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen along with water as the solution in which these chemicals react. The amount of water in the human body ranges from 45-75%. The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age. For all intents and purpose we are big sacks of organic soup. Outside of our bodies is a biological soup of gas, viruses and bacteria.

The coronavirus is not a single chemical or molecule. It is an aggregation of many organic compounds. It is not alive. Outside of a living host it can do nothing. It cannot reproduce on its own and cannot move. It must carried by the atmosphere or stick to a living creature. It does not become ‘alive’ and reproduce until it gets inside a host cell where its messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) can hijack the cells transcription system and generate copies of itself. Covid-19 is much larger than an atom but smaller than a cell. We have all seen pictures of it with its spikes and the spherical shell. The mRNA payload of the virus is never shown. Bear in mind it is impossible to ‘see’ something like this in the microscopic world. Pictures are representations of the known chemistry. When a powerful microscope presents a picture of this virus it is not the atoms we see but how visible light refracts around the individual virus. You cannot see individual atoms like we see objects in the macroscopic world like each other or the computer you are reading this on. Quantum mechanics forbids it. What we see in pictures are carefully crafted models or carefully constructed apparatus like an electron microscope that converts things small into a macroscopic image. The electron microscope I used almost 40 years ago when I worked in research physics produced Polaroid instant pictures. Now they go straight into an image file on a computer.

There are hundreds of thousands of atoms in Covid-19. The exact number is not known. What is important is that this coronavirus is made up mainly of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen  (CHON) like all other living things.

It is the chemical bonds between these atoms that is of great interest to us. CHON atoms bond with one another by exchanging electrons. These bonds are called covalent. It is the infinite variability of the covalent bonds of these four atoms that produces the molecules of life. It turns out that the energies necessary for these reactions are in the electromagnetic spectrum of ultraviolet light. What does this mean? It means simply that ultraviolet (UV) photons can and do break covalent CHON chemical bonds. It does so with extreme prejudice and it does it fast in millionths of billionths of a second. Incident UV is like a massive blast of incoming energy that shatters the proteins of the virus body producing much smaller fragments of organic matter and does the same thing to the mRNA payload. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening. If these tiny virus particles are in direct sunlight the larger molecules are cut into pieces and viral action destroyed leaving organic detritus of thousands and thousands of smaller ineffective molecules. This is not a reversible action. The pieces cannot re-aggregate into their complex structure. UVILIZER Flip | Foldab... Buy New $29.95 (as of 02:45 UTC - Details)

Bill Sardi believes that the immune system and Vitamin-D produced from the sun produces greater immunity in the human animal and that this is a main cause of the drop off in Influenza and SARS type viruses like Covid-19 when warmer weather begins in the northern hemisphere. I cannot dispute this as I have not done anywhere near the researching that he has. What I can assert confidently is the destruction of the virus in the presence of the intense UV radiation of spring and summer in the northern hemisphere. Only a few seconds is enough for the destruction to be complete. There are other means to destroy the virus like hand sanitizer where the alcohol dissolves the virus particles so that it comes apart irreversibly. There are many other chemicals that will do this as well, but these are for outside the human body.

The intense summer UV destroys any virus illuminated. The immune response in the summer is enhanced by vitamin-D production from the UV penetrating into the skin. Alcohol based hand sanitation, not touching one’s eyes, nose or mouth also helps to prevent the entry of viruses into one’s metabolism. These mechanisms crush these seasonal epidemics.

P.S. The CNN death scores as displayed continuously are meaningless. As I write this on 4/28/2020 the United States has some 55,000+ fatalities attributed to Covid-19. The U.S. has some 330,000,000+ million inhabitants. The fatalities are then approximately 1 in 6,000 people. Autopsies are not being performed on the majority of these patients just too expensive so if Covid-19 is confirmed or expected then the death is reported as such even though there are another 150,000 deaths with lower lung complications which actually could by driving a substantial number of these patients into the ground. They were already on the edge so to speak. These numbers are not nearly as terrifying as what CNN presents, but terror is the purpose of the death score. The reason why I cannot fathom.