The Left Edge of Insanity

A Short Story of a Dystopian America

To my fellow Associates: My name is Diversity-26, although my family and friends knew me as John before the Great Purge of Christianity. Today, as part of my punishment, I have been required to give you my story and beg you all for forgiveness for having disrupted your safe and happy lives.

According to the decrees of Democratic Socialism (or Dezism), I am a non-binary citizen of the Commune of Equality. The year is 142 E.T. (Era of Tolerance), and I live in the Quadrant of Purple, which is now referenced in history as The Great Wicked South Carolina by our State Educational Officers. Some of you may recall that I once wrote for <censored> before the Egalitarian Uprisings of 2020 P.T. (Pre-Tolerance), and the subsequent instituting of the Holy Doctrines of Leftism. In the years following, I was drafted into the Grand Army of the Antifa to fight the endless Wars of Southern Fascism – which many of our brave Associates continue to fight to this day. I served Rainbow Nation with honor, and was discharged seven years ago after losing my right arm and being blinded in my left eye by Fascist Free Market Shrapnel.

As tribute to my service, I was allowed to live within Progress City, a vast complex of prefabricated structures and shipping containers provided by our benevolent Dezi Party Officials. It was here that my Associates and I lovingly contributed to the advancement of Secular Multiculturalism and The Great All by encouraging positivity and harmony throughout the Quadrant of Purple. Some of the ways we shared in this happy task was through eliminating and censoring any images, artwork, books, movies, historical artifacts, music, etc. that may give offense to any group protected by the State. I am proud to say that we performed our tasks with remarkable efficiency, and 452,975 pieces of illegal material were incinerated under my watch alone.

But as stated by the Holy Doctrines of Leftism, it’s only a matter of time before the sins of individualism, agrarianism, or capitalism burst forth and must be purged. My first offense was during the daily Weeping and Gnashing over the Crimes of the Past. The non-binary pre-pubescent life form the State provided me with happened to fall asleep during the ritual, and because I didn’t want to be arrested for being a poor role model, I woke them up. However, my child felt their status as an Equal was threatened, and promptly contacted their Public School Watcher, who then notified the Hallowed Halls of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Thankfully, due to their dedicated inquisition, it was soon discovered that I had not only committed one, but two Equality Infractions. The second was for neglecting to let my dog sleep in my bed with me on a cold night. For both cases, I was placed on the SPLC’s Map of Hate, and all Associates in the Commune of Equality were notified that I was a potential Child and Animal Abuse Predator.

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