Russia Faces Less Risk in Pushing the Ukrainian U.S. Puppets To Make Peace Now

The massive, daily artillery shelling of civilians in the ethnic-Russian cities of E. Ukraine by the huge Ukrainian army and militias, which may well be most of the 150,000 troops of  the Ukraine, has slaughtered and maimed thousands of ethnic Russian-Ukrainians and Russian citizens who crossed the border to become volunteer soldiers fighting the Ukrainians slaughtering ethnic Russian women and children. The Russian government  has been remarkably cautious in using force, even by volunteers, to stop the slaughter of Ukrainian-Russians who have been betrayed by the Kiev Junta that used violence to overthrow the Ukrainian Constitutional government elected by Russian-Ukrainias and other Ukrainians.

The Russians have been cautious in spite of their fierce outrage at the slaughters because they are trying desperately to stop the U.S. WWIV against Russia, China, Iran and their many informal allies. Russia does not want wars like the U.S. does and is carefully avoiding them in spite of severe provocations and attacks on Russians. Russia is trying to rebuild from the Soviet Implosion, trade globally, develop education and science, and build good relations with friendly nations..

The Russians are still being very cautious, but the whole global situation has changed in a few weeks. The U.S. has decided to pin itself down in new, more intense wars against the vast Muslim World, from Indonesia where ISIS is suddenly growing rapidly, to Syria and Iraq and North Africa and Pakistan where the people are trying to overthrow the U.S. puppet. The risk to Russia of serious help for the Ukraine Puppets from the U.S. Empire is much lower. The Russians may now be pushing hard to bring the Ukrainian War Against Russia to an end.

No honest person who has followed the U.S.-Ukraine attacks on Russia and the U.S. wars against billions of people around the world believe anything the U.S. or its puppets say. They have vast psyops Big Lie factories, whole industries of them which have grown massively within the U.S. and globally for a century, certainly since WWI.

The U.S. and Ukraine always accuse their victims, like the Palestinians and Russians and Syrians and Iranians and Afghans and Iraqis, of attacking them and insist that their strangulations and air annihilations of whole nations and daily air murders of their leaders are “peace-keeping,” while any act of self-defense by the victims is “Terrorism!”

It is very easy for the U.S. Big Lie Industry to manufacture videos of Russian tanks and assert they are inside the Ukraine.

Forget U.S. Big Lies.

BUT there is some real evidence indicating the Russians may now suddenly be sending in small numbers of more  heavily armed and extremely well trained “volunteers” who may or may not also still be Russian citizens in some of the Russian military units or super-trained Spetznetz forces of secret police units.

The German news service Reuters is not one of the U.S. Secret Puppet Media, as far as I have been able to tell. [All of the Big U.S. Media Corps. are Republicrat owned and operated–Puppets–and many foreign Media are obviously Puppet Media.] Reuters is reporting some Russian reports of the movement of Russian forces into the Ukraine, though they do not make clear whether they are still “volunteers” of some kind.

The Russians themselves do not want to Lie and destroy all credibility, as the U.S. has done globally. They are not really denying they may be sending more “volunteers” with heavy weapons like tanks. They are mostly making “Non Denial Denials,” a U.S. political trick to avoid outright lying.

Most importantly, the vast Ukrainian Army and “volunteer militias” slaughtering the ethnic Russian women and children by shelling their cities are beginning to panic and panicky crowds in Kiev have been demanding peace, of all things.     Some Russian “volunteers” yesterday captured a large number of the Ukrainian forces by capturing a small city with weak resistance.

The Ukrainian military officers and enlisted men know perfectly well that if they face any serious military forces like the Russians have, rather than slaughtering unarmed women and children in cities by artillery fire, they are totally lost. This is why they are panicking. They think some more Russian help is coming their way. It may only be a thousand men, as they claim, but that makes them panicky.

I think Putin et al. are trying to convince the Candy Oligarch of Kiev to stop his slaughter of Russian women and children and make peace that includes serious autonomy for the ethnic Russian areas of E. Ukraine.

IF he refuses to get “reasonable” and make peace, the Russian “volunteers” might sweep the vast Ukrainian forces aside and let the Russian-Ukrainians set up their own New Russia all along the Black Sea and the Russian border, but, as much as Putin and Russia would love that, it does not fit the pattern of Cool-Hand Vladimir in this ghastly war the U.S. and its Puppet Ukrainians have been fighting against Russian-Ukrainians who want only freedom from such Satanic Madness. .