Attack Muslims or Anyone Else and They Will Do The Same Unto You, Be Friendly With Muslims or Anyone Else and They Will Do the Same Unto You

Americans today are being flooded with the same old demagogic screams of terror about tiny Muslim guerrilla groups destroying the U.S., eradicating our freedoms, and ruling the world–“The Terrorists are coming to kill  you and  your family! Give me totalitarian powers to rule the world and I will save you!” We’ve heard endless variants on this absurd screaming propaganda over and over again, ad nauseum.

It is utterly stupid on the face of it to think that a small guerrilla force fighting for its own life on the other side of the world without a single aircraft can do any of that.

ISIS, the Boogey Man Du Jour in the U.S. being used by demagogues to get more power, is clearly well trained, most likely by secret U.S. Special Ops in the Sunni areas of Iraq in recent years and in Jordan in recent months to prepare them to attack the U.S. Boogey Man In Syria, which they are doing very successfully with that training, financing probably from U.S. puppets in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states, and very effective guerrilla leadership.

Now ISIS has gone off on their own and attacked the U.S. Shia Puppet regime in Iraq, with more and more help from the Sunnis of Iraq and other countries, trying to build their own Sunni Caliphate state of Iraq and Syria and probably beyond in the heart of the vast oil and gas reserves of the Middle East.

They have followed roughly the same path of development of Osama bin-Laden’s al-Queda guerrilla force did that also was trying to build a Sunni Caliphate state with Saudi Arabia as the sacred capitol.  [Bin-Laden’s home was Saudi Arabia, though the family was originally from next door Yemen.] The U.S. financed, armed and helped train al-Queda forces in Afghanistan to attack the Soviet Red Army when it was invited in by the weak Marxist government. When the Red Army left, the U.S. Special Ops and trainers and money for al-Queda left. Bin-Laden made friends with the new Taliban government and eventually stared attacking U.S. puppet allies. The U.S. struck back. Bin-Laden attacked a U.S. destroyer with explosives. The U.S. in the 1990’s bombed al-Queda with cruise missiles. On 9/11 thirteen years ago the U.S. Pentagon and Twin Towers in New York were attacked with American civilian aircraft. The  U.S.  blamed al-Queda. The evidence is mixed about what really happened, with a preponderance of evidence showing the U.S. FBI let the al-Queda guerrillas carry out the attacks to get the support of Americans for a war against Muslims. But Saudis who apparently were working with al-Queda clearly were involved and bragged about killing Americans to get vast support from the Muslim World under attack by the U.S.

The U.S. annihilated and invaded Afghaniistan and Iraq with vast forces to rid the world of the “Muslim Axis of Evil” and all such murders, killed and maimed hundreds of thousands, suffered tens of thousands of serious casualties of American military forces, and spent trillions doing so.

The result of all of that was to enrage the whole billion and half Muslim World and much of the rest of the world against the  U.S. and set off vast waves of Muslim attacks in the Middle East, Africa and South Central Asia.

The U.S. and the world are obviously vastly worse off than they were when Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan kept the lid on guerrilla wars in their areas.

In recent months the  U.S. has repeated this incredibly stupid “Global Strategy of Suicide” by doing the same things in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya and beyond.

ISIS is one of the U.S. rewards for annihilating and occupying and “rebuilding” Iraq and Afghanistan and annihilating Syria and Libya…..

IF the U.S. wants to totally destroy itself, it should continue this insane strategy of self-destruction by making the world attack it.

It seems to be doing so by encircling militarily, “containing,” and attacking with proxies vast nuclear nations like Russia and China, strangling nations like Iran, rushing back into Iraq to make itself the target of Jihadist rage.

A sane person who attacks other people is not the least bit surprised when they fight back. Only insane people think the people they attack in extreme, vicious ways will not strike back at them in any way they can.

By claiming to be the one and only Islamic State [Empire] known as The Caliphate, ISIS is an avowed threat to most Muslims around the world. ISIS is already being attacked by major Muslim powers, notably Iran which even sent Revolutionary Guards into Iraq  very recently  to help the Sunni Muslim Kurds attack ISIS. These Muslim nations in the area understand immensely better than the  U.S. what ISIS is all about and how to control or defeat them. They do not need any help and the U.S. obviously can’t really help even itself in this situation by attacking anyone else.

The U.S. has made billions of enraged enemies worldwide by attacking whole nations or  huge groups. It obviously must be on-guard to protect  Americans against the billions of Enragees who now loathe us. But this can be done without attacking any other nations or guerrilla groups and making more enraged enemies.

IF the U.S. stops attacking and murdering other people en masse, eventually other people will stop attacking us. Yes, there are a few insane people and criminals who will attack us, but we can deal with them as individuals or small gangs and eliminate them by legal, police actions. The U.S. should and could have done that after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. instead of annihilating and invading first Afghanistan and then Iraq and then….

Muslims were certainly overwhelmingly favorable to Americans when I was young decades ago, before the  U.S. started annihilating and invading their whole nations and supporting others like Israel that do that with massive money and weapons.

This is an obvious situation in which George Washington’s foreign policy of equally friendly relations with other nations makes perfect common sense. Someone else put it in other words long ago, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That person had good common sense, like Washington and almost all Americans even today, and very unlike the rulers of the U.S. in Washington.