Gone in 12 Months?

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We often look to Wall Street and wonder how those hedge fund managers, financial institution leaders and even traders can go about their business without regard to the average person on the ground, whose assets may be getting wiped out while those in the financial sector make millions of dollars in stock market manipulations and bonuses.

What it boils down to is money.

Via The Intel Hub and Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the Lie

In a surprisingly blunt interview aired on the BBC, an independent trader admits that he “dreams of another recession” since some people can prepare and treat a market crash as an opportunity to “make a lot of money from this.”

What exactly is “this”? Well, according to Alessio Rastani, “this” is the inevitable crash in the markets that is headed our way.

Rastani, an independent trader, does not treat the crash of the Euro and the stock market as a possibility. He treats it as an inevitability.

He pulls no punches in this interview and it is clear that the BBC presenter is shocked by what he has to say.

When asked what would keep investors happy and mitigate the economic crisis currently unfolding, Rastani reveals, “Personally, it doesn’t matter.

See, I’m a trader. Uh, I don’t really care about that kind of stuff.”

In the BBC interview, stock trader Alessio Rastani provides us a glimpse behind the curtain of the general sentiment and motivation on Wall Street and other financial trading centers. If you want to know what the guys on Wall Street are thinking right now, don’t miss Rastani’s short BBC interview, where he warns that very bad things are coming our way over the next twelve months:

This economic crisis is like a cancer. If you just wait and wait thinking this is going to go away, just like a cancer it’s going to grow and it’s going to be too late.

What I would say to everybody is… get prepared.

This is not a time right now for wishful thinking that the government is going to sort things out. The governments don’t rule the world. Goldman Sachs rules the world. Goldman Sachs does not care about this rescue package, neither do the big funds.

The first thing people should do is protect their assets. Protect what they have. Because, in less than 12 months, my prediction is, the savings of millions of people are going to vanish. And, this is just the beginning.

So, I would say, be prepared and act now. The biggest risk people can take right now is not acting.

In his Intel Hub commentary, Madison Ruppert continues, explaining that those in the financial sector are focused on one thing, which is to make more money – whether markets go up or down, whether people on the street get crushed, whether the economy thrives or dies:

I’ve never heard a trader come right out on mainstream media and lay it out in such a plain way. Indeed he is correct, a traders job is to make money. Period.

A trader need not worry about what will be done to fix an economic crash because as long as they are making money, they couldn’t care less.

This is something that the mainstream media likes to pretend is not the case, as though investors actually have an interest in keeping the stock market and the global economy afloat.

This is simply untrue as Rastani reveals.

Traders and investors are just like corporations, they are only interested in the bottom line. If this means profiting off of an economic downturn while their neighbors are foreclosed on and their entire nation is robbed blind then so be it. As long as the cash keeps coming in, who cares?

Speaking of the current global economic meltdown unfolding around us, Rastani says, “I’ve been dreaming of this one for three years.”

He also reveals the mindset of many a trader in saying, “I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession. I dream of another moment like this.”

He then gives the example of the market crash of the 1930s which was not only a market crash but an opportunity for some people to make a lot of money.

After his frank statements the presenter says, “If you could see the people around me, jaws have collectively dropped at what you’ve just said.” I guess she wasn’t expecting him to tell the truth.

Full Article at The Intel Hub

We may look at Mr. Rastani as a greedy Wall Street psychopath whose sole purpose in life is to profit from the misery of others, but keep in mind he’s not alone. At least he came out and told the truth, no matter how ethically or morally deprived it may be. Now consider that there are thousands of people just like him, many of them in much higher positions within the financial and economic infrastructure – people who make the decisions that affect the lives of billions of people worldwide. Like Mr. Rastani, they don’t care what happens to the pleebs. Their concern is only themselves and their direct interests.

Alesio Rastani’s candid musings should be taken seriously – because this is what’s going on behind the scenes. Short term profit (money and power) is the motivation for him and others – the stability of the system be damned.

There is no single person who we can blame for what has happened and what will happen in the future. The system is a monster and it is the collective consciousness, which in this case is a culture of greedy me-first thinking, that is eating up our economy and financial systems like the cancer Rastani mentions.

They will not stop until the host is dead.

Take Rastani’s advice, because he, like many of us, understands that the system we have come to know, the system we have entrusted to protect our assets and our lives, is nothing but a sham designed for the few to profit while the majority suffer.