An Open Letter to the Walt Disney Company

Recently by Arthur M.M. Krolman: An Open Letter to the Walt Disney Company

Robert A. Iger President & C.E.O. Walt Disney Co. 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521

Dear Mr. Iger,

Thank you for your timely response to my letter.

I had asked for your advice on how to get to Disney World now that United States government agents force children to submit to nude photography by means of ionizing radiation or manual inspection of their private parts at the airport on the way to your business. I also asked you to kindly confirm that you don’t agree with this new pathway to your business. Those were my two questions.

Your representative recorded a polite message for me acknowledging receipt of my letter to you. It was then made clear to me that you chose to not answer even one of my two questions. Instead you opted to answer a third question which I had not asked: “We don’t regulate what the airport rules are regarding transportation security administration.” The message continued, “So, unfortunately, we don’t have too much we can provide.” Ah, but you do provide much, Mr. Iger. What I see you providing, very much of, is evidence of dangerously misleading advertising to my children. And I would like you to stop. Please allow me to explain.

My children, like thousands of others, are regularly enticed by Walt Disney Company advertising to request a trip to Walt Disney World. Other companies, like McDonald’s for example, advertise to children too. Ronald McDonald, Playland and Happy Meals are enticing devices to get kids to plead with their parents to pay a visit to McDonald’s. But unlike the Walt Disney Company, McDonald’s Corporation does not solicit children to go to their business in full knowledge that they will be surprised with a dose of ionizing radiation and inspection of their private parts on the way. Worse, Walt Disney Company advertising contains no warning about what children traveling by commercial airlines must now undergo in order to get to your resort. Perhaps a warning label would be bad for business. “Hey kids! Mickey Mouse would love you to come to Disney World, but please be WARNED: on the way to Disney World at the airport, United States government agents will dose you with ionizing radiation so they can see you naked and/or manually inspect your private parts.” Yes, perhaps it would be bad for business.

Bad for business or not, and regardless of your power to regulate the United States government, please accept this letter as my request that you cease advertising to my children about visiting Disney World with no warning of the ionizing radiation and gross indecency they must expect on the way to your business at the airport.

You do regulate Walt Disney Company advertising, right?

Regards, Arthur M.M. Krolman CFA Founder and President Krolman Corporation 56 Roland St., Suite 201 Boston, MA 02129