TSA Introduces New Pat-Down at Airport


To the chagrin of freedom lovers nationwide, the Transportation Security Administration is not only increasing its militant efforts at the airport, but doing so in a disturbingly intrusive way. According to a law enforcement official at the TSA, security officials will be changing their traditional hand pat-down at the airport to a “hand-sliding motion.”

CBS News explains, “Pat-downs are used when something on the passenger sets off the metal detector, when the imaging technology detects something suspicious on the passenger and when the passenger opts out of the electronic screening methods.”

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TSA spokeswoman Kristin Lee claims that the administration conducts regular reviews and updates on screening procedures, and asserts that screeners will use both methods of pat-downs to help detect hidden weapons or explosives.

She also indicates that the pat-down will continue to be performed by screeners who are of the same gender as the passenger, and would not go into further detail on the differences between the pat-down procedures.

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“Passengers should continue to expect an unpredictable mix of security layers that include [sic] explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams, among others.”

One anonymous law enforcement official, however, admitted that the new hand-sliding technique is already in use at some airports.

CBS News reports, “Counterterrorism officials say commercial aviation continues to be an attractive target for terrorists and terror operatives are constantly trying to find ways to evade security.”

The TSA has faced harsh criticism from a variety of groups opposed to the measures it has taken under the guise of security.

Even European officials joined the fight against the TSA. British Airways Chairman Martin Broughton accused the United States of making inane demands on airport passengers, such as the removing of shoes and separate examinations of laptop computers.

He declared, “Europe should not have to kowtow to the Americans every time they want something done to beef up security on U.S.-bound flights.”

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November 1, 2010