Remember… Remember… Vote Them Out in November


I was working on an outline for an article about Constitutional "Negatives." Then came the Bailout/Rescue/Super Scam. Not the least of the violations of Constitutional authority is the way in which they have juggled this Monster back and forth — and now plan to sell it to the People — After the Fact — between pharmaceutical commercials. They have violated their Oaths to the Constitution — Again and Again! Volumes could be written on the violations of the past couple of weeks. This offence should be investigated as an Aggravated Assault!

A minor detail?

"All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…" — Article I, Section 1, Clause 1. — Not in the White House, Not in the Senate, Not in the Treasury Department, Not in a back room on Wall Street, and Not at the Federal Reserve. They couldn’t stick enough Pork on this Baby in the first House edition. So they rolled it around the Senate and the White House to get some Fat for everyone. There are a lot of hungry pockets to be fed in Washington alone. And it’s so fat now they didn’t even need to read it.

Why do you suppose the Constitution requires All Revenue Bills to originate in the House? Could it be because all spending measures should be controlled by the Body of Representatives closest to the People as another Negative on big, bigger, biggest government? These are the guys you can vote out every two years. But they have no fear of that. They have passed the buck [or what is left of it] to the Senate and the President — so they can ram this Liberty-Killing Legislation down the throats of the People.

Do you enjoy being the object of condescension and ridicule by the same arrogant aristocratic criminals who are duty bound to be your servants under the Constitution?

Don’t plan on the Supreme Court negating any of the damage either. They are kept safe by the criminals in the House who are afraid to Impeach and Remove Anything. If we were still a nation of law Any individual citizen would be able to destroy these measures through recourse to judicial remedy. All of these plans violate the principle of equal protection under the law. In fact, every socialistic element that now contaminates our government would fall on the same sharp sword. But the judiciary is probably the most corrupt Branch.

Checks and Balances

Our checks are no longer working and our balances are all overdrawn. The Constitution is no more powerful than any other law unless the People have the political Will to enforce it. We have an Enforcement Problem. Change the written laws however you wish and you are still left with an enforcement problem.

The Power of Negative Thinking

Our constitutional system works on checks and balances. The "checks" take the form of "negatives" to thwart the lawless behavior of the coordinate branches whenever they are poised to trample rights or violate their Oaths. Lately they are poised most of the time.

The President has a Veto power to curb Congressional outlaws. Once a Bill is Vetoed by the President the Congress is required to overrule the president by a two thirds majority if it is still bound and determined to pass the proposed [usually criminal] measure. But when this occurs the votes are required to be entered in their respective journals. In this present case they should all get Scarlet Letters to wear on their foreheads.

The Executive can still refuse to enforce a law after it is passed. And the other branches can jump up and down and holler — or the House can Impeach him. A president with a spine and some ethics could stand for the rights of the People or his Oath to the Constitution and risk Impeachment to prove his point. This has happened very rarely.

The Supreme Court can order the Executive to perform according to their view of a law — and the Executive can tell the Court to go blow its nose. We have seen some evidence of this principal in the abuse of executive privilege recently when it has mostly been used to flaunt the law or cover up unlawful or unethical activities in the executive branch.

No, we haven’t been operating this way for a long, long time, for those of you who think I am delusional. I am speaking is terms of "oughtness."

The Judges also take an Oath to the Constitution.

The "negative" that the courts are failing to exercise as they should, in many cases, is their authority to negate the damage that bad laws can do to individuals in terms of protecting life and property [the only lawful function of government]. This problem is also compounded by the fact that it takes fortune to get something in front of the Supremes — IF they want to hear it. The lower courts can do all sorts of interesting things to keep matters from rising to the Supreme Court — even when they know the Supreme Court has ruled on an almost identical case long ago. This is a convenient state of affairs for the tyrants. In lower courts the judges have taken to acting as co-prosecutors.

The Pettit Jury and Grand Jury both have the same sort of negative principle of operation whenever they refuse to convict a citizen based on whatsoever they determine including judging both the law and the facts. The Grand Jury is bound Not to indict on insufficient evidence. The Pettit Jury has had a recognized right and obligation, since the Trial of William Penn, to prevent the action of bad law in order to protect the rights of the People against tyranny in the courts. Judges lie all day long about this in almost every court in the country. Note: In the account of William Penn’s Trial at the U.S. Courts’ website, the narrator cannot apparently bring himself [possibly "themselves" — it looks like the work of a committee] to state unambiguously that the jury is judge of both the Facts And the Law. The last segment provided by the narrator falls far short of exposing the whole truth. In Maryland our wonderful judges still lie about this principle even though it is clearly memorialized in the State Constitution at Article 23: "In the trial of all criminal cases, the Jury shall be the Judges of Law, as well as of fact, except that the Court may pass upon the sufficiency of the evidence to sustain a conviction." Don’t be confused about that last part. It is talking about another safety valve allowing the court to Acquit based on faulty evidence.

All of these negatives are designed to protect the rights of citizens even to a minority of One. Not to be negative… but All of these mechanisms are broken — or else they are being cleverly and deceptively blunted in ways that erode and destroy life, liberty and private property. Ignorant and free can never be.

The three branches are mostly populated by Felons who are Colluding to commit crimes that will go down in Infamy. The Murders of our troops in unlawful military actions may be only the beginning.

There is one more Negative that We The People must exercise…

Remember… Remember… Vote Them Out In November!

If the Congress and the Executive can get away with this, perhaps the largest financial crime in recent history, the People will have to bear a large share of the blame. Part of the Pork will be used to promote your continued acquiescence. Don’t fall for it. The perpetrators really don’t think there is any of the original American Spirit left in you. They have taken you for granted once again — and they do not expect to pay a price.

You the People will send a message in November one way or another.

Either you want to be abused and taken for granted or you have finally had enough. It is not sufficient to light up switchboards and clog emails. You must start firing your incompetent and unresponsive government servants. It is time to shake up the Congress and get rid of almost every Representative and the Third of the Senate that we can retire at this time.

Perhaps Ron Paul should be the last man standing. He told us all so! He told all of them so throughout his whole congressional career — and especially during this campaign season. A career of honesty has produced a Prophet.

I see no reason for us not to repeat this exercise every two years. If the threat looms I think perhaps we will start to see some reasonable semblance of limited, lawful government. In four more years we can be rid of every present Senator.

How long do you want to be taken for granted?

Can you remember something this obscene for just one more month?

If we miss this opportunity I don’t know if our voices will ever be heard by government again.

"Bail out" the House and the Senate this November.

"People should not fear their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." — V for Vendetta

Let the letter "V" remind you to Vote them out!