‘Trump Will Be President’

Says one of my respected political sages. “Of course, Trump will win the nomination. That has been clear for some time.But now I am saying he will be the next president. Hillary will be knocked out, and Biden will be the Democratic nominee. And does he have skeletons!”

If you are right, and you are seldom wrong, what does that mean for the rest of us?

“Though he will lift some of the regulatory burdens on business, and cut some business taxes (while raising them on businesses he doesn’t like), he will be very bad for the cause of freedom and the free market. The US will become more protectionist and mercantilist. It’s hard to believe that the police state could get worse, but it can and will.

“There is only one unalloyed happy note. Trump will rein in the empire. Even the power elite realize the empire has gotten out of hand. Under Trump, who is, after all, not  a neocon, there will be fewer wars, maybe no US wars. Call his governing philosophy ‘antiwar fascism’.”