Those Classified Documents and Hunter Biden

Writes David R.:


Tucker Carlson has already alluded to it, but this is how they will probably prevent Joe Biden from running in 2024. 

Those classified documents in and of themselves are not enough to disqualify Biden from running. 

But one or two classified documents tied directly to Hunter Biden’s activities with overseas clients involving either Ukraine or China should do the trick to disqualify ole Joe. 

Especially when they find large sums of money involved in those transactions. 

The beauty of it is neither the son nor the father because of their limited mental capacities would have had exact memories on the locations or import of those many classified documents floating around town.  

They could have easily been planted by anyone.

So, perhaps the goal here is to get both Biden and Trump out of the way and get more acceptable and compliant candidates that will do the bidding of the permanent state. 

So much for Democracy.