Pfizer, FDA, CDC Hid Proven Harms to Male Sperm Quality, Testes Function, from mRNA Vaccine Ingredients

Writes Paula Deist:


Pfizer’s own documents and other medical studies show:

  1. mRNA vaccine ingredients can be transferred from one person to another via skin-to-skin contact, inhalation and via “sexual intercourse,” through bodily fluids. That is to say, vaccine “shedding” can occur via sexual contact, including via exposure to semen. [In other words, according to Pfizer’s own internal documents, a vaccinated man can expose his sexual partner to the vaccine ingredients, via ejaculation.
  1. Pfizer did not test “male reproductive toxicity”. Male reproductive toxicity is defined as adverse effects (negative impacts) related to sexual function and fertility in adult male
  1. Pfizer also did not test for adverse effects from vaccinated men’s semen, on the development of their offspring. 
  2. mRNA vaccine ingredients travel throughout the body and gather in organs, including in the testes. 
  1. mRNA vaccines resulting in “anti-sperm antibodies” – that is to say, antibodies that treat sperm as an “invader”, and damage or kill it – is a known adverse event related to this form of vaccination. 
  1. mRNA vaccines cause a staggering drop in semen concentration and total motile count.
  1. By suppressing discussion of this information, public health agencies, medical professionals, and governments globally denied and continue to deny men true informed consent.

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