“Prosecute Him Too!” – Jon Stewart Busted For Over Valuing NYC Home By 829%”

Writes John Leo Keenan:

That’s only the beginning.  That’s in the world of rich people.  At least the two sides get to bargain in real estate transactions.  I want to prosecute Vons and Trader Joe’s too.  They could be investigated for the same reason too some day.  well, let’s see if those prices are equal to their production costs.  Anything over could be a “fraud” in New York.  I’m suspicious of what they are doing to me with the French cheese price.  We can’t eat so many things anymore these days.  We may have a right to sue for these high prices too.  Just kidding.

Underneath, it is socialism.  It’s back to Marx’s exploitation theory.  Only now it’s not capitalists but a man named Trump as the borrower of a loan from a big bank.  Some world we live in.  I don’t remember her name.  The Supreme Court should not let the precedent stand, in my humble opinion.