NPR’s New CEO Is the Ultimate Woke Mental Case

Writes Rick Rozoff:

As mentioned in the program, Katherine Maher is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, (global NATO’s) Atlantic Council, World Bank, World Economic Forum, National Democratic Institute (part of the National Endowment for Democracy) and the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board.

NPR’s New CEO Is The Ultimate Woke Mental Case


1. Don’t question my truth because you aren’t me.

2. Accept and validate my truth because to deny it is a hate crime.

3. Your truth is just as valid as mine.

Hi, I’m Katherine. I’m a soulless meatbag that sold my soul to a criminal cabal. I’m a new recruit tasked with trying to twist logic so that hopefully when I’m done, you’ll be convinced to go back to just accepting everything you’re told by approved sources. This Internet thing and free speech has really made it hard for my masters to keep you enslaved and allowing them to extort wealth from you. Your questioning and thinking for yourself is really making things difficult for them. That’s why my masters have been doing all they can to make your lives even more miserable than they already were. They hope that you will come to realize that accepting your place is the best for all and that way we can get back to normal. I hope you understand and will come to accept again that the truth is what we tell you it is.

NPR CEO “There are many truths. There are as many truths, as there are genders.”