Israel article

Writes Steve Berger:

[We need a] non-interventionist policy that doesn’t stir up hornets nests or in words of JQA doesn’t go abroad in search of monsters to destroy is not inconsistent with protecting our own borders or citizens. Economic law all about tradeoffs. Security sent abroad makes us more vulnerable to infiltration of terrorists here as you outlined dramatically in your recent podcast. Biden called all the arms etc we are sending over there a dividend for our security. Maybe it’s just a dividend for our military corporate contractors as Smedley Butler would conclude.  I have no issue if a private citizen wishes to go over and help Israel just as I had no issue if someone wanted freely and with informed consent wished to take a covid shot. I don’t like being called an anti-vaxxer for protesting mandates or raising issues of efficacy or safety. I don’t like being called an antisemite for questioning  our foreign policy decisions or Israel’s even though I condemn the atrocities and murders for what they are.