How To Destroy a Country

Writes Stefan Lundberg:


If I were a leader interested in destroying my own country, I would be at constant war in the Middle East, empowering terrorist groups to overthrow other leaders when it served special interests. I would drone bomb and invade to cause mass casualties and suffering. Revenge is a strong impetus for terrorism when coupled with an already twisted radical ideology.

I would destabilize these countries to the point of causing a refugee crisis. And then to top it all off I would declare open borders and cause an unnatural spike in immigration from the countries I’ve intervened in which are now littered with terrorists. The clash of cultures would sow division among the people, and as terrorist attacks inevitably rise, I would hide safe behind my guarded walls while the rest of the citizenry deal with the consequences of my invade the world/invite the world foreign policy.

But don’t worry, to “fight” terrorism I’ll make sure to launch a massive surveillance state and curtail personal liberties wherever possible. I can then use each subsequent terrorist attack to justify increased intervention both abroad and domestic.

For some reason I feel like I’m plagiarizing now…