24 year CDC lab director blows the whistle on the ‘pandemic,’ a hysteria driven by junk science

Writes Gail Appel;

So why isn’t this front and center? A few Republicans have attempted to expose the ghoulish lies foisted upon the nation, but not the much bigger picture. Most troublesome- the silent 95%. 

Mitch and Pence  are behind the Team Faustus abomination, but ultimately, Trump shoulders the blame. He handed the task of creating the Pandemic response team to Pence. Pence, Mitch, Cheney, Burr Mueller and the Establishment have a long history with Faustus. Including abetting the weaponized anthrax coverup. 

Again, this is yet another reason I’ve no faith  in Trump. He empowered and filled the Swamp to overflow and hasn’t taken any responsibility. Humility  goes a long way.So does extensive background research when appointing people to crucial positions. Over and over… Sessions, Pence, Wray, Gottlieb,Rosenstein, Barr,Haspel,Pompeo,Milley,McMaster,Azar,Mattis,Bolton,Kerner,Cippilone,Kavanaugh,ACB,Meadows,Esper,Acosta,Tillerson,Fiona Hill, Kadlec, Volker,Kent,Jerome Adams, Kellyanne, Haley,the inept Jrome Powell.. Teaming up with Zuckerberg,Gates,Bloomberg… surrounding himself with snakes.. Lindsey Graham  for God’s sake!Christie!Scaramucci!! Bannon! the other Jason Miller! But they said “ nice things” about him.meanwhile, he congratulated Kim’s appointment to the WHO.

If he’d done the right thing and stood up for Mike Flynn, K.T.McFarland,Monica Crowley,Ezra ,Richard Pollock, Drs Ladapo and Atlas, Ron Johnson… a lot of this would have been avoided. Flynn’s dismissal was the beginning of the end.



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