146. Peter Schiff: How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes

Peter’s newest book, soon to be available, is How An Economy Grows and Why It Crashes. It is an extended and updated version of his father, Irwin Schiff’s, original and humorous cartoon book, The Kingdom of Moltz. Lew has always loved the book as an introduction to Austrian economics. Peter’s new version will expand to lampoon people like Obama and Bernanke.

Lew asks Peter what is ahead for our economy. Peter says there is no chance for a real recovery, and strikes out at the newest bubble – a government bubble. Just what does that mean with $2 billion in new bonds looking for purchasers, while $2-3 trillion in older bonds are about to mature?

Rockwell asks what the average guy should do. Emigrate? And, is it true that the US forces citizens to pay to get rid of their citizenship status?

What has been the government’s role in increased college tuitions? The feds have really “helped” students by making it impossible to work your way through college. Obama is making things worse, but the gold-plated debt university is not sustainable, and thank goodness.

Lew asks Peter about his political race in Connecticut. Peter bemoans the enormity of our present size and scope of government and warns that the spending must cease. We can and must reform – really reform.

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