145. Ron Paul

Lew Rockwell garners updates from Ron Paul, the great libertarian Congressman, whose public life has inspired so many.

First we want to know the current state of Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill. But then, just who is the Congressman from the Bank of America? Can we expect the Fed to fight this audit in the courts? What’s the main benefit that will come from the audit? Did the financial crisis hurt or help this campaign? What will happen if prices really start to rise?

Obamacare is a disaster. Where will it end up? Can the doctor-patient relationship survive? What is the worst part of this Health Care Bill? Why is government health worse than government education? What can be expected from Medicare in the future? Will private practice be made illegal? What shocking thing did Obama admit? Can you really give thirty million additional people free medical care and reduce the deficit, too?

Will Paul’s sub-committee chairmanship be taken away from him? Are the claims about earmarks red herrings? Just what might happen if bank forces should attempt to remove Ron Paul from his positions?

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