Zimmerman, Obviously Not White, Is Now ‘Half-White’

The verbal acrobatics has now reached the point of comedy in the Zimmerman-Martin case. At first, the earlier (probably-doctored) photo of Zimmerman led me to believe that he was a white Hispanic. Now, in more accurate photos, it’s clear that Zimmerman is not even white. He’s probably a mestizo Hispanic, and he’s certainly not white. Indeed, Zimmerman looks just like the sort of person who, around here, one often sees being harrassed on the roadside by cops for the crime of Driving While Mexican. His skin color is also probable cause in Arizona for an interrogation by police over his citizenship status.

Oh yeah, Zimmerman looks like he just stepped off the Mayflower, and I’m sure he’d fit right in at some Funders Night dinner at, say, the Cato Institute. He’s a WASP oppressor if ever I saw one.

So, this desperate attempt to cast the Martin-Zimmerman affair as some kind of white-on-black violence is laughable at this point. If Zimmerman were the victim in some police brutality case, we’d all know how to describe it — yet another brown man getting beat up by cops. Which, trust me, is a frequent occurrence, and Zimmerman’s skin color would make him a prime candidate for such violence.

But since Zimmerman must be white to fit the national narrative on the latest orgy of media-incited race hate, he must be, if not white-looking, then at least a white oppressor deep-down in his corrupt white-man’s soul.

We might also note that the term “half-Hispanic” which I have also seen used, is a complete nonsense term. Since Hispanic is a cultural designation, one either is or is not Hispanic. Were you raised in a Hispanic household? Guess what, you’re Hispanic. You’re not half-Hispanic, even if your mother is an Anglo.

So basically, Zimmerman has all of the disadvantages of not looking white, which he doesn’t (and yes, there are many such disadvantages) plus all the disadvantages of being a white oppressor. At least that’s what we’re told by the media lynch mob.

One can only imagine how the race-baiters would deal with the people in this photo of some relatives of mine. Everyone in this photo was either born in Mexico or is the child of someone born in Mexico. Some of them have dark skin, and some have light skin. Are the light-skinned ones “half-Hispanic”? To be most accurate, if the woman on the right, my grandmother, were arrested for shooting a non-white, I guess to follow the newly-invented Zimmerman rule, she would have to be described as “the daughter of white descendants of Spaniards residing in Mexico.” In real life several members of her family fought with Pancho Villa in the revolution, oppressive white plutocrats that they were. But hey she looks white, so she must be an honorary WASP. I’m sure the media would manage to come up with the proper term for her. “Semi-white Latina”? “Anglo-Mexican”? Just give them time.


9:35 pm on April 23, 2012

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