Great Time-Lapse Video: From Birth to Pre-Teen

Eugenicist philosophers, like the so-called bio-ethicists who recently told us that parents should kill children with “post-birth abortions,” fortunately function purely in the world of conjecture and have little to offer us when confronted with actual life experience. People like that, however, are what make events like the fire bombing of Japan possible. But fortunately, there are some humane members of the human race who contribute things of value. Like this filmmaker, for example, who produced a time-lapse video of his daughter from infancy to age 12.

This video is of a Western European girl, and it nicely illustrates that to anyone who possesses a firm grasp of reality and human decency, killing babies is not morally neutral. Someone might want to point out to Rick Santorum, however, that the same effect that is achieved in this video can probably be achieved by filming Arab girls. We probably shouldn’t kill them either.

Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45. from Frans Hofmeester on Vimeo.


8:44 pm on April 23, 2012

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