Yet Again With “For Thee, Not Me”

You might think New York City’s “vaccine mandate inspectors”—yes, in über-bureaucratic Gotham, there really is such a beast—would not only have received the Jab but eagerly brag about it while brandishing their “vax cards.”

Au contraire:

I received a tip from a New York CIty [sic] venue who was inspected by the city for vaccine mandate compliance and had a simple request of the inspectors: show your vaccination card before entering, like any other person who enters. The inspectors had a simple reply: no. The venue was written up for “denying access” and presumably will face some kind of fine by mail.

These were just inspectors on a power trip, right? I contacted the Mayor’s “Office of Nightlife” chief Ariel Palitz, who told me:

“Inspectors are not required to be vaxxed because their presence is for a ‘quick and limited purpose.’ Exactly like unvaxxed patrons who are dining outside may go inside to use the bathroom or pick up food with a mask on.”

But as any establishment in NYC with a food service permit knows, city inspections can sometimes take hours, the inspectors are in people’s faces, putting their grubby hands all over things, and wandering into private areas, and is simply not the same risk as one who enters to use the bathroom and then leaves.

Wonder whether these goons also forgot their masks.


12:19 pm on September 24, 2021