LAST, Do No Harm

The new unofficial motto of the American Medical Association.

I got a good laugh recently when a physician said to me that you know, in countries like Mexico medical care is unregulated and therefore very dangerous.   Unlike hyper-regulated U.S medical care where one of the top causes of death is being in a hospital.  And besides, medical care is “regulated” in such countries — by the free market.  If a Mexican physician who does a cash business is successful in treating his patients the “regulation” of the free market will send him more patients and he will prosper.  If he fails to treat his patients in a satisfactory manner he will go bankrupt.

By contrast, once you get that government-approved medical license and obey the AMA/FDA/CDC Industrial Complex, you can proceed to kill far too many of your patients, give them bad advice (like staying away from ivermectin if they have COVID), and live a long and very, very prosperous life.


12:10 pm on September 24, 2021