Wonder What They’ve Got on Ole Di

During a dog-and-pony show-sorry, hearing before the collection of thugs, morons, and criminals known as the US Senate, the NSA’s director claimed that the “U.S. surveillance court has given the National Security Agency no limit on the number of U.S. telephone records it collects in the name of fighting terrorism …” Well, of course it didn’t. That is the FISC’s entire raison d’etre: to gull the serfs into believing that the NSA is constitutional and decent and patriotic and gosh, just out there protecting rather than controlling the ole Homeland.  “The NSA intends to collect all U.S. telephone records and put them in a searchable ‘lock box’ in the interest of national security, General Keith Alexander, the NSA’s director, told U.S. senators.” Yep, the Collector-in-Chief there would be Jean-Luc Picard, he of the Starship-Enterprise fantasies that our taxes financed and that continue testifying to his tenuous grasp on reality.

When another of Leviathan’s functionaries mentioned the remote possibility that some of the NSA’s crimes may not be wholly, 100% Constitutional, the chairman of its Select Committee on Intelligence (HA! What a misnomer!), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), “interrupted” to proclaim, “”I really believe the NSA is extraordinarily careful in what they do … I have great faith in the NSA.”

Gracious, just how venal is this miserable piece of trash? With what juicy blackmail did the NSA threaten her? Does she know something about those trillions of dollars gone AWOL from the Pentagon? Or has the agency “collected” cell-phone transcripts of her and Pillary or Janet “Big Sister” Napolitano or Madeline “500,000 Dead Kids Are Worth It” Albright planning an assignation in the Senate cloakroom? Hmm. The possibilities are endless, limited only by my inadequate imagination rather than Di’s rectitude.


11:42 am on September 27, 2013