Don’t Pull in Front of a Fatherland “Security” Bureaucrat on a Highway . . .

. . . or he may follow you to a parking lot and fire a 40 caliber pistol into the side of your car, like this moron did in Boca Raton, Florida a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, the round did not hit the two-year-old boy who was in his car seat at the time with his dad at the Boca Raton mall.

UPDATE: F.P. writes to remind us that, if the victim of this shooting by the madman Department of Fatherland Security bureaucrat had defended himself and his child by shooting back, he would have been arrested for murder.  And, forty years ago, he would have responded either by beating the living daylights out of the Department of Fatherland Security bureaucrat who fired a 40 caliber round at his family, or organizing enough friends to get the job done.  Modern “metrosexual” man would never contemplate such a thing.


10:24 am on September 27, 2013

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