Our Wimpy, Metrosexual, PC Youth

I’m in a Starbucks in the most PC state in the U.S. — Maryland.  A middle-aged woman walks in and compliments the young twenty something guy who is serving coffee on his new haircut.  She’s apparently a neighborhood regular.  The young guy says “thanks, but I”m never going to that place– ‘Sports Cuts’ –again. It’s soooo sexist.”

“Wadya mean?” says the older woman.  “They have sports on a bunch of TVs and the young girl who cut my hair offered a neck massage after the haircut that’s included in the price,” said the indignant and oh-so-sanctimonious youth.

Oh, the humanity.  Some entrepreneur apparently had the crazed idea that young guys would like to catch up on last night’s baseball scores (and “plays of the day”) while getting a haircut.  And a neck massage by a young chick to boot.  Where are the safe zones when you need them?!

There’s still hope for the human race, though.  The older woman’s response was:  “Hell, I’d like it if some guys offered to give me a neck massage after I get my hair done.”




11:47 am on April 20, 2016