Why Walter Williams Was So Endearing to So Many

Fans of Walter Williams have been sending me a lot of emails this morning in response to my LRC obituary with stories about how they became so attached to a man who most of them had never met.  Walter’s personality was just so, well, entertaining and enlightening.  I only met his wife Connie once at a social event, but it was obvious to anyone who observed the two of them that they had a deep love for each other.  Connie seemed to smile every time Walter said something.  One emailer wrote to remind me of one of Walter’s quips, made in public, that he once bought Connie a pair of golf shoes so that she wouldn’t slip on the ice while washing his car.  What a gentleman and caring husband!  He knew this would get back to Connie and give here a good laugh.  Then there’s the instructions from the “Good Wife’s Guide” that Walter read over the air on the Rush Limbaugh Show which must have caused quite a few humorless feminists’ heads to explode.

When Walter was drafted into the army, on induction day he checked off the box asking him what race he was as “white.”  When the officer looked at him and asked him why he checked off “white” he said, “Because everyone knows the white guys get all the better jobs in the army.”  So you can see why the army eventually sent him home.

When Walter was ordered to paint one of those green army trucks as some kind of disciplinary action he dutifully compied, painting windows and all.

In one of Walter’s speeches he claimed that Connie once complained that “you’re using me.”  His response was (paraphrasing): “Of course I am.  And I hope you are using me as well.  Why would we be married if we had no use for each other?”  A good marriage is mutually beneficial, just like free-market exchange, in other words.


9:12 am on December 3, 2020

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