Why US Catholic Bishops Hate America

American bishops’ alliance with the US Democrat Party goes back a hundred years. I briefly recount the history here.

Watch for them to support the Democrats once more in 2020, condemning Trump’s Evil America and welcoming a “Next America” that is Hispanic and, of course, corrupt.

That Trump has advocated a stronger pro-life agenda than any other president means little to them; much more important is the taxpayer funding they receive for their secular NGO’s. Under Obama, it was going up every year. Not any more. And their political agenda harmonizes nicely with the DNC’s – except for abortion, of course, which isn’t a high priority on their list of action items (it is, however, a very high priority for the laity).

Ultimately America’s bishops crave a life like that of their brother bishops in Germany, where the pews are empty but the government pays them very lucrative salaries, and maintains their properties for them free of charge.

Tough times? Yes, but his too shall pass: we’ve had corrupt bishops and popes before in the past 2000 years, and the Church has survived. But it does get somewhat tiresome at times.


4:24 pm on May 13, 2019