A Dumb and Misleading Neocon Analysis

Joe Lieberman, a Democratic senator for 24 years, is a neocon. He made this statement concerning Trump’s tightening of the noose on Iran:

“The Iranian government really has a choice. Either they are going to come back to the table and negotiate a good nuclear agreement and stop supporting terrorism, or I think they are going to face an uprising by their own people and the possibility of a regime change.”

This is a dumb thing to say because Iran’s government has a slew of other possible choices. Anyone with a little imagination can think up some. Iran’s government doesn’t face the either/or choice that Lieberman speaks of.

His words are a fair example of the extremely low level of neocon analysis that we’ve been subjected to for decades now. If our leaders had done nothing in foreign policy, if they had simply ignored neocon advice and pressures, we’d have been better off today regarding Iran and some other places in the world. Doing nothing may have been inferior to some other policies, but it dominated following the advice of neocons.

Trump has elevated John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to positions of great influence, thereby elevating the chances of new wars instigated by their nitwit thinking and machinations.


1:47 pm on May 13, 2019