Why So Few Black Professional Millionaire Athletes?

Must be because of all that “systemic racism” in the NBA and NFL.  I watched a little of the “Espy Awards” show on TV last night.  It was very different from all past shows that featured short videos of all the best moments in sports for the year — Tom Brady winning another superbowl, Tiger Woods’ big comeback to win the Masters, The U.S. womens’ soccer team winning the world cup, etc.  The portion I watched was mostly black people whining, complaining, and even pretending to tear up over all the “systemic racism,” injustice, and discrimination in professional sports and the need for more quotas and subsidies and special treatment for black athletes.  The one white girl who won an award for playing basketball used her acceptance speech to apologize for being white, saying that just about any black female basketball player would be more deserving.  The audience was severely socially distanced with almost no camera shots of any of the star athletes, and piped-in applause.  They did allow Tom Brady to accept the “male athlete of the year” award, but the white girl basketballer was given at least three times more air time to whine about discrimination and apologize for being white than Brady’s video acceptance speech.


7:01 am on July 11, 2021

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