Why Employment Discrimination Laws Are Bad

Existing law lays down the pseudo-commandment that thou shalt not discriminate in employment by “race, color, religion, sex, or national origin”. H.R. 5 proposes to replace the word “sex” by “sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation”.

Detailed religious laws of those who voluntarily choose a religion are one thing. Detailed employment laws applied to a whole society by the powers of the state are an entirely different matter. Anyone can take or leave a religion within America. No one can leave a U.S. law without leaving America at considerable pain.

As the U.S. government chips and hacks away at the Statue of Liberty, freedoms disappear. A bathtub filled with water can be emptied with a teaspoon over time. The totalitarians are well-equipped with pickaxes and pneumatic drills, with tablespoons and cups.

H.R. 5 stops at the extension to gender and sexual orientation only because other voting blocs have not yet coalesced and pressured Congress for a remedy to the discrimination they experience or think they experience or imagine they experience. What blocs? Those who are not pretty, not beautiful, not strong, not graceful, not tall, too tall, unreliable, untrustworthy, petty larcenists, crooks, former felons, not citizens, lacking educational attainments, illiterate, too literate, slow, lacking in motor skills, unskilled, lacking experience, lacking in intelligence, unclean, lazy, unable to drive a car, unable to take dictation, unable to use a computer, unable to speak English, unable to speak Spanish, unwilling to dress according to a dress code, blind, deaf, diseased, handicapped, etc.

To see how far the totalitarian impulse is going of secular laws that regulate human relations in employment, see the U.K.’s law. The U.K. already has The Equality Act 2010. This covers 4 types of discrimination: Direct discrimination, discrimination by association, perception discrimination and indirect discrimination. It also includes harassment, harassment by others (outside the company) and victimisation. Everything applies to “age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.”

Totalitarians are happy to put an end to freedom of association and freedom of contract. They are happy to impose their own preferences on others. Sexual politics written into law gives the upper hand to groups who wish to impose their lifestyles on people who may wish to have nothing to do with them. The result is forced integration that relegates rights and freedoms to quaint memories of unfulfilled ideals. The result is totalitarian. That is the prime reason why these laws are so very bad.

There is no difference of principle between a law that says “You may not associate with LGBT people” and a law that says “You must associate with LGBT people”. What difference is there between a law that says “You may not do business with Jews” and a law that says “You must do business with Jews”? None. The only law that need be enforced is one that says “You may or may not do business with anyone and no one shall impede you,” that is, you have a right to association and it shall be upheld and protected.


3:39 pm on March 22, 2019