Why Don’t Covid Crazies Listen to the New York Times

I have posted several things about the coronavirus over the course of the past few weeks from the New York Times, things that show what a fraud this whole thing is. This latest is from the New York Times The Morning:

Few younger children — maybe none — will have been vaccinated by the fall. But data from both the U.S. and other countries suggests that children rarely infect each other at school. One reason is that Covid-19 tends to be mild for younger children, making them less likely to be symptomatic and contagious. Even more important, this coronavirus rarely harms children. For them, the death rate resembles that of a normal flu, and other symptoms, like “long Covid,” are extremely rare. Covid presents the sort of small health risk to children that society has long accepted without closing schools. A child who’s driven to school almost certainly faces a bigger risk from that car trip than from the virus.

Why don’t covid crazies listen to the New York Times, that great bastion of liberalism and statism? They must have utterly lost their minds due to lack of oxygen because of their double masks. And speaking of masks, even though the CDC has said that masks are not necessary outside under most circumstances, and even though my county specifically exempts masks during exercising, I have seen more people walking, rollerblading, and bike riding at the park with masks on than ever before.


8:18 am on May 3, 2021