“Why Did I Lose Both Legs?”

“Why did my best friend die a grisly death when his body was literally torn in half by an IED?  Why did my neighbor’s Marine Corps daughter have to die?

These are the kinds of questions that American military veterans are lighting up social media with after realizing that:

  1.  They were told that they should join the military in order to destroy the Taliban in Afghanistan so as to avoid more 9/11 attacks;
  2.  However, after twenty years of death and destruction the same government that conned them into fighting in Afghanistan has now empowered the very same Taliban by orders of magnitude by allowing it to take possession of billions of dollars of U.S. military weaponry including tanks, humvees, weapons of all kinds, helicopters, planes, enough ammunition for the entire former Afghan army, thousands of uniforms, night vision goggles, and every kind of U.S. military equipment imaginable.

Every single Afghanistan veteran now knows that they were lied to and are still being lied to by the political class and especially by the boot-licking, ass-kissing “top brass” of all branches of the military.  They all now know that every single one of them was viewed as a pawn and a dupe for the benefit of the military/industrial complex — even if they won’t admit it.

If a soldier loses his gear he gets in Big Trouble.  If his “superiors” hand billions and billions of dollars of weaponry to the enemy well, then, no biggie.


9:38 pm on September 1, 2021