Pulling a John Galt

The Patriots at The North American Law Center warn that 

Americans are facing the most dangerous times since the formation of our great nation in 1776. NOW is the time for ALL Americans to come together and make our voices heard in a peaceful nationwide STRIKE demanding all of the freedoms and liberties paid for by the many sacrifices of those who came before us. 

…we welcome all to join us on September 11, 2021 or any date between the 6th and 11th… the anniversary of 9/11. … whether you join this STRIKE FOR FREEDOM on Labor Day or on September 11th, the key is to JOIN IT and STAY OUT UNTIL OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY IS RECOGNIZED AGAIN FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA.

START DATE: Labor Day 2021 – organize locally – just do the same things at the same time nationally 

STRIKE ENDS: When all unlawful and unconstitutional mandates end, no matter who issues them 

TYPE OF STRIKE: The Biden Administration is moving fast in the direction of FORCED VACCINATIONS for ALL citizens and has openly threatened the use of Military and Police force and more forced LOCKDOWNS. If we don’t lock them down first, they will lock us all down again. Organize locally. Write TNALC for additional assistance.

TNALC CONTACT: NorthAmericanLawCenter@gmail.com


12:02 pm on September 2, 2021

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