“White Privilege” Masochism

Seldom does one see such psychological and masochistic perversion as in the “white privilege” checklist published by Peggy McIntosh and apparently going back to 1988.

No matter what you thought you did yourself, no matter what work you did, no matter the financial stringency you put up with for years on end, no matter the obstacles you worked to overcome, you accomplished nothing. It was all systemic racism. It was all “white privilege”. And you, who are what McIntosh sees as victims, you were the losers from the white person’s gains. You are all victims. No matter how hard you may try, you cannot get ahead, because whitey has “privileges” that you do not.

This is racism, and it’s the product of a twisted psychological interpretation. It’s complete and total garbage. It’s what goes into the garbage bin of critical race theory, among other strands of perverted nonsense.

This is what’s being used to brainwash employees under threat of losing their jobs. This brainwashing is a CRIME. It is really sick stuff.

This comes from a white woman who demeans herself and then demeans every white person in America. It’s utterly sick. It’s sick that it’s had such influence and spread into the workplaces of America. It’s utterly wrongheaded. It’s completely senseless. It’s like watching a pornographic snuff film that depicts a real-life murder. This is the real-life murder or attempted murder of the minds and psychologies of white people. Ms. McIntosh saw fit to commit psychological suicide and take everyone else with her. And she’s found plenty of devoted followers. Sick, sick, sick.

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However that is done.


10:42 pm on October 8, 2020