When Your CEO Forces the Jab on You, Slip Him A Micki

I hope few of LRC’s readers are confronting the Satanic choice between the Jab and unemployment. But if you are, let these courageous and very wise words from a “CT Technologist and employee of Ballad Health” in Tennessee inspire and embolden you. Kathleen, who forwarded this zinging letter of resignation, extracted the heart of Micki Jeans’ magnificent opus:

I will give my breath and my very life for the freedom of the citizens of this great nation and for our future generations. I will not stand idly by as communism, socialism, and global elites try to take us out. I was a soldier when our military was honorable and defended our freedoms and I am a soldier for Christ. I will fight. I. WILL. FIGHT.

I am not afraid of losing every last comfort that I have to stand up for what is right.

Ms. Jeans is a Christian (as is the CEO to whom she addresses this essay, or so he claims) who copiously quotes Scripture to substantiate her position. It’s so refreshing to read a believer, especially a female one, who’s more concerned with truth and righteousness than with “being nice.” I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death of “Christians” who cooperate with the plandemic rather than object and offend their supposed siblings in the Lord. Given the number of apostates and hypocrites populating the pews—and, as this last year proved, the pulpits—I’d say that hurt feelings are impossible to avoid if we’re truly living for Christ.


6:07 pm on October 22, 2021

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