When Facism Comes to Amerika, It’ll Wear A Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Like most red-blooded Americans, I despise the corrupt cartel we call “insurance companies.” Now Stephen supplies yet another reason to detest these thieves:

Not to single out any corporation, but, of the companies that are pledging not to donate to any member of Congress who challenged the electoral vote tallies, Blue Cross was the first one for which I did these searches on Google (forgive me):

Searching for “blue cross blue shield capitol” (and I had to say I really wanted capitol with an ‘o’), the second hit was for https://www.bcbs.com/press-releases/blue-cross-blue-shield-association-statement-suspension-of-contributions-lawmakers

The first hit was a WSJ news article regarding the pause in financing. In the Blue Cross statement is, “In light of this week’s violent, shocking assault on the United States Capitol, and the votes of some members of Congress to subvert the results of November’s election by challenging Electoral College results, BCSBA will suspend contributions to those lawmakers who voted to undermine our democracy [sic].” How sanctimonious! Did any congresscritter lose donations after electoral votes were challenged in other presidential elections? I think we know the answer.

Searching for “blue cross blue shield blm” the first hit was https://www.bcbs.com/press-releases/blue-cross-blue-shield-association-statement-regarding-racial-injustice, which doesn’t contain “blm” anywhere; Google, however, correctly draws the inference. The middle paragraph states, “African Americans have suffered racial injustice for far too long. To stay silent as so many suffer is simply not an option, and we will not tolerate racism in our communities nor our workplaces. We stand with those advocating for solutions to address racism in all its forms. We stand with every one demanding equality and equity [emphasis mine].” I guess Blue Cross stands even with looters and arsonists who demand “equality and equity.”

I’m sure Blue Cross isn’t the only company displaying such hypocrisy.

Bingo. America is as overstuffed with hypocrites as we are lacking in Patriots. 


8:40 pm on January 12, 2021